WizTree: Analyze your disk space in no time

While any decent file manager has a size sorting option, none of them can offer a lightning-fast analysis of disk space and offer multiple views of the results plus comprehensive related info such as WizTree. This free disk space analyzer is also very simple: pretty much anyone can use it to determine which files and folders occupy lots of space on the hard-drive.

Installation & Requirements

WizTree has a speedy and straightforward installation with no adware or confusing settings included. However, there is also a portable version available since there are plenty of users that need WizTree only occasionally, thus they would prefer to not keep it installed at all times.

WizTree works on 32 & 64-bit versions of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It only supports local NTFS format drives, at least for now, since the program is still new and frequently gets new features added and bugs fixed.


Since WizTree doesn’t include any third-party apps, toolbars or another form of adware, donations are the only source of revenue to sustain the program’s development. As a result, WizTree’s UI features a rather large Donate button in the upper-right corner. However, it doesn’t stand in the way of any important function.

Scan options are available in the upper-left part of the GUI. There, users can select any local drive (as long as it is NTFS). Since the scan process automatically starts as the drive was selected, it’s safe to say the Scan button’s main use would be for re-scanning the same partition.

Scan results displayed in the default Tree View show all the folders of the scanned drive from the largest to smallest. WizTree also shows related info for each folder (and its subfolders) such as size, number of files, folders and total number of items.

The tab called “Top 1000 largest files” displays exactly what its name states. It can be very useful when trying to free up some valuable disk space. WizTree also offers the Explorer context menu within its interface, so you can perform the operations you want without switching to the Windows default file manager.


– Very quick and simple installation.
– A portable version is available.
– High-speed scan of any NTFS drive to display the largest files and folders along with related information.
– Windows Explorer context menu is available in the program for any selected file or folder.


– For now only NTFS local drives are supported.


While it offers little in terms of customization, WizTree is particularly useful through its speed and ease of use. Anyone looking to see exactly which files and folders take up the most disk space will find WizTree is one of the fastest and most efficient methods for this purpose.