Wysdom App: Free Tech Support for Smartphone

We are absolutely dysfunctional without our smartphones, but sometimes they get aggravating because we just cannot figure them out. According to some researches, most users only use about 10% of their mobile devices capabilities – just like with our brains, right?

This is where Wysdom app comes out in the spotlight. Currently, the application is free, but turns paid since May 1 ($3.99 per month). This smart Android application helps users sort their handsets out and understand their features and functions well by answering users questions about their devices.

Wysdom is surprisingly one of the simplest and very efficient tech support solutions for smartphones.

As you download and install the application, it asks your permission to access information about your device in order to be able to aggregate data and deliver relevant answers. The app will want to know the model and make of your device, current carrier, language settings, OS version and the like. Developer states that no personal information is stored or collected by the app.

Suppose you are fine with the disclaimer, tapping Agree will open up the window with an option to “Ask Us A Question.” For example, you can ask: “How do I take a screenshot of my screen?” or “How do I sync my Android with MS office on my laptop?” or “How to set up a personal hotspot?”

Wysdom 1

You have a small window where you can type in your question, or you can also use the microphone and voice out your question. The application takes about 15 seconds to process your question and as it is ready to answer it, it sends you a notification saying “we have found an answer for you.” You can “view message” or “read later” to view the answer whenever you find convenient.

If you think the application aggregates enough information about your device to be able to generate the relevant answer automatically, you’re wrong. Wysdom has team of tech advisors working full-time, available five days a week, 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time, and if you send your request after-hours, you might get your response the next business day.

You have the option to communicate with the tech advisor via the in-built messaging app, if you need. Tech advisors are apparently technically savvy, while the in-built messaging app allows for creating additional pages within the messages themselves, containing images – all inside the app, which is quite handy.

While the application is in Beta, you may test the tech wizards with tricky questions, and occasionally you might see are response saying, “we did not find a perfect match, so one of our tech advisors will have a closer look and get back to you soon.” Even if this happens, it will not take them too long to get back to you with a relevant reply.

For example, one of the users asked Wysdom tech advisors, which option they would suggest as his next purchase – iPad or an Android tablet. It took them some 10 minutes to reply with quite lengthy, custom written response dwelling on the issue in detail, but boiling down to personal preferences. The advisor suggested since the user was already on an Android, and because his already purchased Android apps can only be transferred to another Android device, it might be wise to consider sticking to Android.

As you open up the application, you will see the three main sections:

  • Ask us a question – to ask a new question
  • My questions – to get back to the previously asked questions
  • My device tips – tutorials and recommendations you already received that will help you become a power user and get the most of your device, for example “best apps for the Samsung S Pen.” The tutorials and tips are specific to your device.

Wysdom is a project by Toronto-based company CrowdCare, and it is positioned as “the world’s first codified knowledge base,” which enables technicians to match the knowledge base to the issues specific to individual devices. The company has filed a petition to claim the technology, which enables it to read more than 1000 criteria from the devices in order to generate the best relevant answers.

Wysdom a

It may be possible that wireless carriers and smartphone manufacturers will welcome this application and the likes of it because it has the potential to lift some tech support weight off their shoulders. This application has the chance to become the family nerd, answering constant flow of questions from the technically challenged friends and relatives.

Currently, the application is only available for Android devices and supports only English, other than that, there is nothing to point a finger at. Mind you that you get to sign in the application using your email address, and you would expect all your answers to be available in your email and across your multiple devices, but they’re not. For example, if you install Wysdom both on your smartphone and your tablet using the same Google account, these devices will not share your answers via the cloud.

The application is going to be available free of charge for one whole month. It is incredibly easy to use and the tech support is remarkably accurate in their responses, so we highly recommend our Android users should go ahead and install Wysdom to let us know their opinion of the service in the comments below.