XDA Forums launches app for easily adding mods and apps on your Android

The XDA Forums are an endless resource of the best and latest apps, wallpapers, Xposed modules and other Android content from indie devs. Despite the numerous useful apps and mods you can find in there, the forums don’t offer a streamlined solution to browse all available content.

However, it seems this problem has found its solution in the recently launched XDA Labs app which is currently in beta stage. Regardless, the app is functional and if you want to easily get your hands on some of the goodies available on the XDA forums, we definitely recommend you install it, despite the occasional bug, crash or freeze you might experience.

You can get the app from the forums (link below) since it’s not available on Google Play, or at least not yet. Be aware this means your phone needs to be configured for sideloading apps, in order words the ‘Unknown Sources’ option has to be enabled in your phone’s “Security” or “Lock screen and security” Settings menu section to be able to install the app.

Download XDA Labs (XDA Forums)

When the ‘Download complete’ notification appears, tap on it and then select ‘Install’ when prompted.

XDA Labs 1

When you run the app for the first time, you’ll need login into your XDA account. If you don’t have one, you obviously need to create it first or simply sign in with Google+.

The side navigation pane is open by default on the main screen and feel free to explore all of the app’s areas, but if you want to browse through the available Android content, then select ‘XDA Labs’ from the menu.

This section of the app offers 4 different tabs – in the first one you can read the latest news about Android development, from the XDA Forums.

XDA Labs 4I’m sure most people will skip straight to the Apps section for obvious reasons.  Here you can see the newest XDA DevDB submissions by default, as well as use the built-in search too look for a specific app.

If you select an app, you’ll be taken to its overview page which is very clean and lets you read details about it, before you decide if you want to install or not. Downloading the app on your device is a very simple process, through which you’ll be guided step-by-step.

XDA Labs 5Rooted users will probably be delighted to visit the Xposed tab, where you can view and install the latest modules. Of course, you’ll also need to have the Xposed Framework installed on your device, plus when accessing this area of XDA Labs, it will prompt you for Super user access.

Luckily, after you get this done, installing modules from the Xposed tab is just as easy as installing apps. They also have an overview page where you can view additional information and download them.

While there are plenty of dedicated wallpaper apps, the XDA Labs app has a special section for them too. This may not be the most useful purpose of the app, but don’t hesitate to visit the Wallpapers tab since you’ll find some amazing backgrounds in there.

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