Yay: A simple Windows Phone music player focused on playlists

    Almost everyone who stores huge music collections on their phones, relies on playlists when it comes to actually listening it. One playlist to relax before bedtime, another one to cheer you up when you’re feeling down, one to keep you going during your workouts and so on. Most apps make playlist creation a rather time consuming process.

    Yay playlist creation

    Yay is a Windows Phone music player designed with one major purpose: to let you quickly create playlists while on the go, with very little effort. The app loads your music and shows it as a list of selectable items. You can either scroll through the list or use the built-in search if you already have specific titles in your mind. Once you’re happy with your selection tap on ‘Finish” and you’ve got a new playlist.

    Yay playlists

    Since the default name of a Yay List is not very representative you can rename your playlists but also perform the occasional cleanup and delete some of them if you need to. The app’s settings menu is scarce to say the least. By default, the app pre-loads your song list and from the same menu you can reset Yay and delete all information contained by the app. The first option speeds up the process of building the music library – it takes longer but only the first time –  so I suggest you keep this feature on, unless you’ve recently added more music on your phone and need that loaded into the app too.

    Yay settings

    There’s nothing glamorous about Yay, besides the fact it lets you create playlists incredibly fast – there are some essential features missing from the app. The songs from a playlist can’t be viewed as a list (so the playlist itself can’t be edited), you can only see the currently playing song, playback navigation is limited to next and previous tracks and there’s no shuffle option.

    I truly appreciate what Yay has to offer in terms of playlist creation, but the app definitely needs more polishing. As it is right now, I can definitely recommend it as a secondary music player specifically because it lets you come up with a new playlist very fast.

    If you’ve been searching for an app with a streamlined playlist creation, you should definitely check out Yay, It doesn’t feature any adds and it’s completely free.

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