You no longer need a Facebook account to use Facebook Messenger

As surprising as it may seem, not everyone is on Facebook. In fact, some people aren’t even remotely interested on being present on the network, but given the fact it’s so popular, its Messenger does offer an easy way of contacting a great deal of people.  For this reason, Facebook’s latest move certainly makes sense.

Now, Facebook Messenger can be used without having a Facebook account on both Android and iOS, although this feature is currently available only in United States, Canada, Peru and Venezuela. The app offers all of its features to those that use it without an account.

Messenger Sign Up iOS

To log in, you’ll have to provide only your name, phone number and a photo. However, using Facebook Messenger logged on your personal account does offer a few benefits, such as access to both contacts and Facebook friends and also multi-device messaging capabilities.

People who use Messenger without a Facebook account will still be able to connect with others like them, as well as logged in Facebook users. Basically, the service now has WhatsApp like capabilities on top of the old ones.

As Facebook Messenger practically bundles WhatsApp functionality, it remains to be seen what the company (who acquired WhatsApp last year) plans to do with the latter. Merging the two apps at some point would be a solution, but not if Messenger is unable to draw a good chunk of WhatsApp’s userbase.

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