Your Uninstaller! PRO: Remove Windows applications your way

When we uninstall an application via its default uninstaller, chances are that some traces are left behind, such as registry entries, files and folders. Leftovers from uninstalled programs can have a negative impact on the system’s performance which may lead to severe system slow-down and crashes.

The only way to make sure a program is completely removed from your system is by using an uninstaller utility. Your Uninstaller! PRO is definitely one of the best choices, as the program is designed for simplicity and ease of use, granting all users an effortless way of completely removing Windows applications.

Installation & Requirements

Your Uninstaller! is a commercial application that starts as a 21-day trial version, so it is somewhat disappointing that the install process contains adware. As a whole, the installation is very fast and simple, but the program will try to install AVG Security Toolbar and AVG Secure Search unless you manually uncheck them.

The installed folder occupies as little as 12 MB of hard drive space and the program only requires one of the following operating systems to work: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.


Your Uninstaller!’s interface displays all of the programs present on your system as easy to read icons and the layout allows the user to uninstall a program within just a few mouse clicks. The interface is basically divided into 3 areas.

At the top, there is a basic menu with 4 categories: File – enables access to backup/restore application info and export/print application list; the View menu allows you to change the way you view the currently installed programs and the program’s language; from the Tools category you can access the program’s Options, enable Hunter Mode, refresh the list of applications and access Rescue Center (where you can create and restore backups); last but not least the Help menu grants access to Your Uninstaller!’s Help files, official website, program purchase and activation, update check, share the program with friends through social networks and the classic About page.

The main area displays all of the currently installed applications and in its lower section there is a related menu from where you can perform Advanced Uninstall, Quick Uninstall, AutoFix, Empty Gone (delete empty installation folders), Search and Refresh.

The Advanced Uninstall function is used for situations when the program’s built-in uninstaller cannot be used due to various reasons, such as when the application is missing from the Add/Remove Programs list. The fastest way to uninstall a program is via the Quick Uninstall option. There is an additional menu that appears when you right-click on any program present in Your Uninstaller!’s list. From there, the “Uninstall” option (also present on the left sidebar) takes you to a wizard that presents 4 different uninstall modes: Built-in Mode – it simply runs the default uninstaller with no further actions; Safe Mode – additionally it performs file and registry scans on simple level; Normal Mode – includes all Safe Mode actions but it also deploys extended registry and file scans; Super Mode – this is the most thorough (but also slowest) uninstall process that makes sure the programs are uninstalled with no traces left behind. There are other options provided through the right-click menu such as marking a program to never be uninstalled, backup the program’s registration key, a Quick Links list that sends you to the program’s installed folder and publisher/support/update info URLs (if available).

The left sidebar contains additional features provided by the program: Startup Manager, Disk Cleaner, Start Menu, Trace Eraser, File Shredder (permanent, unrecoverable file deletion) and Windows Tools (various Windows built-in utilities for network, disk, system, security and services).

Your Uninstaller! has a feature-rich but well-organized GUI  so it is truly accessible for any kind of user. Moreover, the additional features such as the Startup Manager, File Shredder and Trace Eraser complement the program’s basic functionality.


– Lightweight, small program.

– Friendly and intuitive GUI.

– The 4 different uninstall modes provide flexibility to the uninstall process.

– Additional features are available such as Disk Cleaner, Startup Manager, File Shredder and others.

– Good multilingual support.


– Some options are found in multiple locations throughout the program’s interface which overcrowds it to a certain degree.

– The “Trace Eraser” function is limited to cleaning web surfing traces only from Internet Explorer (and other browser’s using its engine).


Your Uninstaller PRO! Comes with a fairly intuitive interface and a set of extra features that might be appreciated by many users, but the uninstaller software industry has some serious competitors and some of them offer equally capable uninstallers as freeware.

While it lacks complementary functions and it focuses solely on uninstalling features, IObit Uninstaller is on the rise in terms of popularity. The program is completely free and comes with a few innovative features such as batch uninstall and one-click toolbars removal.

Revo Uninstaller is another highly appreciated uninstaller, thanks to its ease of use, effectiveness and the extra cleaning tools it comes with. Revo Uninstaller has a free version with basic functionality and a commercial one that provides more advanced scanning algorithms, a forced uninstall function and a few other useful options.


Truth be told, Your Uninstaller! Pro is a solid uninstaller application with minor flaws and a comprehensive set of capabilities, such as the 4 uninstall modes, AutoFix and system backup/restore. However, there are several free uninstallers available and the fact that Your Uninstaller! lacks such a version might make users to choose one of its competitors.

User Interface
Ease of Use