YouTube gets improved commenting system with Google+ integration


Share YouTube comment on Google+YouTube comment section is the place to be for spammers and haters, but this is all about to change. In an effort to refine their commenting system YouTube now requires you have a Google+ account to post a comment, which also brings some perks. Of course the YouTube Android app will also get these improvements very soon and hopefully so will the YouTube iOS app.

Now you can mention Google+ contacts in your comment, share the comment on Google’s social network, and view comments and replies in a threaded structure. The Top Comments section has a new set of priorities for the displayed comments, based on community ratings, people in your Google+ circles and popular individuals, although users will have the option to change that if they want to and sort it by “Newest comments first”.

After the update, comment sharing can have different levels of accessibility and users can choose to make it visible publicly or just for specific circles/contacts. For your own posted YouTube videos, you’ll be getting some brand new tools such as setting new comments to await for your moderation before they are posted, automatically approve comments from trusted individuals and set word filters.