YoWindow: Your animated weather window

YoWindow is a great weather application which not only displays the current weather condition and meteorological forecasts, but it found an appealing way to do it, via animated landscapes that show weather conditions in real-time.

Installation & Requirements

YoWindow’s most important dialog windows during the setup process are the one containing third-party software (not selected by default) and the one offering a few options, namely setting the program as your screensaver, auto-start with Windows and add as a shortcut to the Quick Launch bar.

YoWindow supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and requires at least a Pentium 1 GHz CPU (or equivalent) and Internet Explorer installed.


YoWindow offers a clean UI with a pretty, animated background (multiple landscapes are available) where plenty of weather information is displayed. The forecast panel shows weather forecasts (limited to three days for the free version of the program). Above it, you can see the time, date and a bar containing the hourly forecast of the current days. A cursor which you can move lets find out the forecast for a specific moment of the day. When moving the cursor, the background animation also changes accordingly (based on time of day and weather conditions). Pressing the LIVE button will reset the weather information and background to current time.

The program offers detailed options for users to customize their weather display. For example, in the Options menu, you can manage all your Locations and add new ones, select another landscape, change the unit system and add new types of weather information to the forecast panel (some of them are only available for PWS – Personal Weather Stations and Precipitation Chance is a US only feature). You can also set YoWindow as a Windows screensaver and configure its behavior and even customize the appearance of the system tray icon.

Concerning reliability, YoWindow shows current weather using information from METAR stations network, which are scattered world-wide, usually near airports. The weather forecasts are provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK (yr.no) and NWS (National Weather Service).


– Very attractive interface with real-time animations, reflecting weather conditions (snow, rain, clouds…etc.) day/night cycle, seasons…etc.
– Displays comprehensive information about current weather and weather forecasts.
– Allows users to use images as landscapes.
– Lets users add and manage multiple locations.
– Can be set as wallpaper.


– The free version is limited to only 3-day forecasts, 1 landscape and 2 locations.


Weather enthusiasts will appreciate YoWindow’s customizable display of weather information. The real-time animations only make this useful, easy to use program even more attractive compared to most other weather applications.