ZIP Password Unlocker: A very handy tool for data recovery

Remembering passwords is hard, especially now that everyone uses a myriad of internet services. For extra security, most people choose different passwords or at least variations of their personal ones and that makes it easy to forget. When you have forgotten the password to your zip file, ZIP Password Unlocker will be there to help you.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is very standard and easy and you can choose to launch the application immediately after it is done. The supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows 98/2000/2003/2008XP/Vista/7 both 32 and 64 bit. The hardware requirements are: CPU: at least 1 GHz processor (2GHz is recommended) RAM: 512 MB of RAM or more (1 GB is recommended).


The interface integrates well with Windows and it offers a refreshingly clean and sleek look. Everything is presented in a clear manner and it is obvious that the program has been designed in such a way that it is accessible to everyone regardless of their tech expertise.

You are presented with two options by the program. The first is to manually browse your computer to find the zip file which you have forgotten the password for. From there, you have some “attack types” options in regards to the way the password cracking is handled. In the free version you can either attack it with “Brute-force with Mask Attack”, which means that you already know some of the password’s characters but cannot remember the rest, or use a “Dictionary Attack” in which you will provide a dictionary file for the program to draw from and try to match with your password. When you start the process you can see the details of the hacking process like the search speed, the number of checked passwords and how much time has passed since you started the cracking process.

The other option is for the application to automatically search the entirety of your computer in order to find the encrypted files in case you have also forgotten where you have stored them or you simply want to see them all in one place. You have a number of options resembling a virus scan, like a complete scan of your computer, a fast one and a selected one. The process is very quick and in my experience the program never failed to find the password protected files.


-Very easy to use interface, especially for inexperienced users
-Incredibly handy for people that use multiple passwords and for those that are simply forgetful
-One of the quickest cracking processes in the market


-The free version has a few limitations in regards to the password recovery


If you ever find yourself in the stressing position of forgetting the password to some of your ZIP files, you need not fret. The developers over at ZIP Password Unlocker know what it feels like to lose sensitive information to such a mistake and the program they have created will make lives easier.