ZoloPages: Turn websites into databases

ZoloPages is a freeware web scraping program that aims to make the whole process of gathering data from websites extremely easy.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s custom installer is no different than what you have come to expect. Clicking Next will do the trick but no desktop shortcuts will be created unfortunately. The application supports all Windows versions starting from Windows XP.


The application is designed around simplicity. A thing to note here is that the application cannot really stand on its own. Other products by the company will have to be used at one point or the other but that is not a bad thing of course. The free ZoloPages does exactly what it promises to do. It lets you collect website data and turn it to databases with a few clicks.

Even if you cannot understand how to work with the application, the main page has instructions written all over it so that you will never get lost. This comes in the form of a built-in browser. It is obviously a very basic one but it will still allow you to visit any website you want and let the application take care of the rest. The full version of the program would allow you to automatically gather the data but even in the free version, you only have to click one button.

After you open a page through the File menu, you only need to click on the Capture button after you are satisfied with the data displayed on the program. The application will then start the mining process and move that data over to the “Select & Save” tab. You can then select whatever you want to save and proceed to the final part of the process. The free version will allow you to save the data as CSV that you can use in Excel or in another database. This should be more than enough for the average user.

As I already mentioned multiple times, simplicity is key here. The extractor comes bundled with templates that you can use while you can also download more through the product’s website. Everything can be done in a couple of clicks, meaning that you can save time for other things. This of course means that you will not have much of a say in what happens but the program never tries to hide that.


-Extremely easy to use
-Pre-existing templates
-Full support for CSV format


-Limited options available


ZoloPages succeeds at being a very simple web scraping application for free. Just do not go in expecting to find tons of options and features to work with and you will be fine.