Zombies, Run! App: Unusual Take on Fitness

  • Zombies, Run! [Android, iOS]
  • Price $3.99
  • Offers in-app purchases
  • By Six to Start

Zombies, Run! has the potential to turn a fitness apps skeptic into its devotee. What is a fitness app, if not a resolution to be someone we are not and will probably never be, or a bare bone voyeurism at the app’s stats instead of just doing sports? Well, Zombies, Run! takes a different approach to jogging, walking or running, whichever is your favorite. Put on your headphones, launch the app and start running. Before long, you hear the peculiar rattling groan behind you – they are here. The only thing left for you to do is run, or walk, for your life. Luckily, the app welcomes any physical activity, and you don’t necessarily need to run, but can stick to your preferred pace.


Moreover, the app features a very immersing audio adventure, which sends you on various missions as you escape the zombies or save uninfected civilians. You hear orders and accomplish them by running, jogging or walking, or exercising in the broad meaning of it. After each workout session, you will be able to use supplies you’ve gathered by accomplishing the missions, and thus, you stock up your base and grow it.


Fun, but Do You Like Zombies?

As a result, the app turns your exercise into an exciting and creepy audio adventure, and the users will tell you – it works. Hearing zombies breathe behind you, almost feeling their rotting flesh and bony fingers clutching at your shoulders is a great motivation for running, indeed. The question is – will it work for you? Not everyone can enjoy the fear motivation, and the very word ‘zombie’ gives some users a gnawing burning feeling in the stomach.

However, if you are a big fan of The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, World War Z and the likes of it, you certainly need to give this app a try and feel a part of the human resistance trying to survive the zombie plague. You have a chance to make a difference in the survival of the last of humans as you run to save more people and build a strong base, fortify it, keep order and civilized moral norms, and collect supplies avoiding the undead. Your ultimate goal is to find out the truth about what really caused the pandemic outbreak and how to survive in the apocalyptic environment.

As you can see, a lot of important things depend on you, so you become a one man army, a hero with a burden of human survival on your shoulders. Thus, you feel like your jogging exercises really matter, and that keeps you coming back for more each morning.



  • The app entails 40 missions for free, with over 120 missions available every week one by one, or via in-app purchases.
    The user gets to compile his or her own playlist of stories for each running session
  • The Zombie Chases mode will keep you running at the top of your abilities, if you really need to break sweat during the exercise
  • The app offers detailed statistics, graphs and charts, about your running and gaming progress
    ZombieLink online service lets you register and share your gaming experience online, as well as sync the data with Runkeeper, export your stats as GPX files
  • As you run, you collect survival critical items for your group – medicine, water, batteries, ammo
  • Note: Mind the GPS effect on your device’s battery
  • You can mix the app’s stories with your own music
  • No restrictions location-wise
  • As you run, the app tracks and records your running map, distance run, time and pace and saves it to ZombieLink
  • Authentic voice over by real actors. Beware of the intensely British accent

Should You Buy It?

Fitness apps are mostly focused on stats and tracking, but Zombies, Run! does a great job turning your morning exercise into entertainment. Some of us like to listen to ambient or chill out music while jogging, others prefer some hardcore energizing sound score, while many of us like to listen to news or audio books combining training with the daily business routines. This app takes you on an exciting adventure instead.

It is worth mentioning the app is on the list of UK’s NHS Health Apps Library as a game that’s beneficial to users’ health. However, the big question is – are you ready to commit to daily workouts? In order to advance in the exciting app or mini-game, you must commit to exercising on a regular basis. If the answer is yes, Zombies, Run! app can give you a good start to get used to the workout routine and commit to it. In other words, if other fitness and health tracking apps have failed to get you hooked on exercising, this app can get the job done.