Zombies, Run! now free-to-play, gets major update

The Internet is crawling with motivational quotes, fitness trackers, calorie counters and whatever health and fitness aids you could think of. It seems like we increasingly rely on outside help to get up and moving, but maintaining an active lifestyle requires even more commitment.

Zombies, Run! offers a more entertaining take on fitness, and physical activity in general, which has worked a lot better than traditional methods for many people. You can’t really call it an app, but it’s not just a game either. Let’s just say it’s a story based fitness tracker that can give you some thrills while you’re running or walking.

If running to accomplish missions in a post-apocalyptic scenario to save yourself and others from hordes of zombies sounds interesting, you’re likely to improve your jogging performance with this app. Also, the sound of a heavy breath behind you is sure to make things feel even more real, if you can appreciate the thrill of course.

Last year, we reviewed Zombies, Run! and we loved it, although now the app has gone through a relaunch, switching to the free-to-play model. Also, Season 4 introduces several new features. Players can download the game for free, but also receive partial access to Season 1 and the option to unlock a new mission once a week.

Those who already owned the app will have access to all missions from Season 1 to Season 3 included, over 150 story missions and Interval Training and Race Missions. While the game is free to download and includes free content there are also various IAPs. New players can purchase the Pro Membership offering all game modes and complete access to the available content for $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year, while the same yearly subscription costs only $7.99 for legacy players.

The relaunch also brings a redesigned UI, optimized integration for external music, an autoplay option for the next mission and run logs among other features. If you’ve been thinking about trying this Zombies, Run! but were reluctant to buy such an unusual app, you can now access a lot of its content for free.

Get it from the download link below and let us know you like it, or the a la Walking Dead storyline seems like too much for your heart?

Zombies, Run! – Google Play Download

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