Zulu DJ Mixing Software Master Edition: Audio editing suite

Zulu DJ Mixing Software Master Edition is an application that will let you mix and edit your favorite tracks in a simple interface that offers a lot of options. A trial is offered for 14 days with no limitations after which you will have to purchase a license to access all the features.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is extremely fast as you will only have to accept the user agreement and the rest will be automatic. The application supports Windows versions from XP and beyond, Mac OS X 10.3 and later and Android 2.3.3 and higher.


The program’s interface is surprisingly sophisticated for its size. If you have ever used a mixing application before then you will definitely feel familiar with the program right from the start. Every option is available from the main interface or the menus at the top. You can add songs either by clicking on the Add button or by dragging and dropping them into the application. The bottom window has three different tabs that you navigate by clicking on them. If you right click on their interface you will get some additional options like undocking them from the program and opening them in a separate window.

When you add a song, you can edit it in a variety of ways. The mixing interface at the top will let you mix two tracks together at any point. You can edit them individually from their own windows or use the center window to mix them together. You will have tons of settings regarding each of them. Moreover, you can access more options through the Deck Controls menu at the top.

The bottom tabs will also let you add a variety of different things to the tracks. The first tab is the playlist which should be self-explanatory. In that tab you will find all of the different songs that you have inserted into the application. The Loops and Samples tab will let you add them into the application through a folder of your computer. The application does not offer any by default but you can click on the Download button to gain access to the NCH Sound Library and its hundreds of samples. They are neatly categorized in a variety of tabs and you can even preview them before you download them. Finally, the effects tab will let you add a variety of effects directly to your songs simply by double clicking on them. You can even add your own effects via the Add button.


-Fast installation and a small file size
-Sleek design
-User-friendly interface
-A ton of options for editing tracks
-Support for a lot of systems


-None that would be worth mentioning


Zulu DJ Mixing Software Master Edition is a very good mixing suite that is very easy to use yet provides enough options to satisfy even the experienced users. Those features combined with a very nice interface make the program an easy recommendation.