Agility Writer Review: The Best SEO AI Writer?

Focusing on SEO-optimized content development can sometimes feel very exhausting, often amplified by never-ending revisions and juggling with different SEO tools.

As someone who has been in those exact shoes, trust me when I say I’ve found the perfect solution – Agility Writer. This advanced AI-powered tool is nothing short of a game-changer in SEO writing.

We will dive into why Agility Writer earned its spot among the best SEO AI writers out there. We’ll highlight its impressive features and how it smoothly streamlines workflow to produce captivating blog content efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  • Agility Writer is a powerful AI tool that helps create SEO-rich content.
  • It generates long articles fast, blends competitor data, and offers cool features like ‘Bulk 1-Click” , “Optimize“, and “Product Roundup”.
  • Agility Writer can craft top-notch reviews, blogs or product descriptions. It also dodges AI detection tools!
  • Many users love this writer because it makes their work easier and boosts rankings in Google search results.

What is Agility Writer?

Agility Writer is an AI-powered SEO writing tool that enhances content generation with innovative features and capabilities. It offers unique advantages over other AI writing software, streamlining the content creation process for bloggers and online marketers.

From long-form articles to blog content, Agility Writer provides advanced technological support to improve workflow efficiency and quality.

Main Features

As an AI writer, Agility Writer boasts remarkable features and capabilities that cater to the needs of writers, tech enthusiasts, and AI writers alike.

  1. It enables the quick and efficient creation of long-form SEO-optimized articles.
  2. With Agility Writer, you can craft engaging content without putting in a lot of time or effort.
  3. Uses GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 for article creation, with the possibility of choosing GPT-4 only.
  4. This writing tool analyzes top competitors’ outlines and blends them with in-depth factual data for generating excellent articles.
  5. You can choose between 3 generated sets of outlines and edit/add more if you want.
  6. While the service is not cheap, it’s a bargain considering the quality output of the articles compared to other top-tier competitors.

How it compares to other AI writing tools

Speaking of competitors, Agility Writer stands a cut above many AI writing tools due to the unique advantages it provides to its users.

Unique AdvantageDetails
Combination of competitor’s outlines and factual dataAgility Writer harnesses data from top competitors and blends it with factual information, enhancing the credibility and relevance of the generated content.
Optimized for long-form SEO articlesThis tool is designed to create in-depth, long-form SEO articles without significant manual intervention, saving time and effort.
High-quality content generationAgility Writer is known for crafting engaging, informative, and top-notch long-form articles. This ensures the content resonates with your target audience and keeps them hooked.
High originality scoreAn study shows Agility Writer’s ability to score highly, making it a suitable tool for users who prioritize unique content and preventing plagiarism issues.
Flexible pricing and discountsWith a variety of pricing options and even a 10% discount, Agility Writer is a pocket-friendly tool. This makes it accessible to various users, regardless of their budget constraints.
Time-saving and improved productivityAgility Writer’s automation capabilities allow for efficient bulk content generation with internal linking. This saves time and boosts productivity, a must-have feature for intensive content creators.

We compared Agility Writer with what we think are the top-tier AI writers. The results were impressive and while the difference between some of them was not that big, AW proved to us it’s the most have tool for SEO writing.

Agility Writer vs Koala Writer, Surfer and others

Agility WriterKoala WriterSeowriting.AISurferAutoblogger
Features+excellent SEO features
+ good prompts
+Optimize is Godly
+ In-depth fact checking
+ good SEO with the possibility of adding keywords for each outline
+ good prompts
+ fact checking
– no photo options
+ good SEO features
+ good prompts
+ fact checking
+ image generation
+ good SEO features
+ good prompts
+ fact checking
+ image generation
+decent SEO
+ decent prompts
– no fact checking
InterfaceSimple but effectiveSimple, not so good organizedNice interface, pretty well organizedGood interfaceSimple but effective
PriceGoodExpensiveGoodVery ExpensiveGood
AI modelGPT 3.5 + GPT-4 and only GPT-4GPT 3.5 + GPT-4 and only GPT-4GPT 3.5 + GPT-4GPT 3.5 + GPT-4GPT 3.5
Article Quality9/108/108/108/107/10

Please note that GPT 3.5 + GPT-4 means the service will use GPT 3.5 to write the articles while GPT-4 is used for outlines and SEO.

As you can see from our comparison table here, Agility Writer takes the cake in terms of article quality and SEO features for its price. While the others compared aren’t bad, we found that the prompts used by AW were slightly better in most cases. Seowriting.AI lacks a GPT-4 only option, but as we looked through their roadmap, this option is planned and in the pipeline.

Koala is also a very good SEO writer, but if you use the GPT-4 only mode, you’ll pay a 5x increase in word count usage. And while we’re not focusing on quantity over quality here, Agility is less expensive on GPT-4 and has better SEO options (in our opinion).



$25per Month
  • 32 20 Credits per Month
  • 1-Click Mode (1 Credit/article)
  • Advanced Mode (2 Credits/article)
  • Optimize Mode (4 Credits/article)
  • Product Roundup Review (4 Credits/article)
  • Customize Outline
  • Factual Data
  • SEO Optimized


$88per Month
  • 120 75 Credits per Month
  • 1-Click Mode (1 Credit/article)
  • Advanced Mode (2 Credits/article)
  • Optimize Mode (4 Credits/article)
  • Product Roundup Review (4 Credits/article)
  • Customize Outline
  • Factual Data
  • SEO Optimized


$205per Month
  • 320 200 Credits per Month
  • 1-Click Mode (1 Credit/article)
  • Advanced Mode (2 Credits/article)
  • Optimize Mode (4 Credits/article)
  • Product Roundup Review (4 Credits/article)
  • Customize Outline
  • Factual Data
  • SEO Optimized

Agility Writer also comes with a Trial subscription of only $1. The trial version has no limitations in terms of features, but it only offers 5 credits to test the service out. However, currently, if you join AW Facebook group, you’ll receive an additional 10 credits to your trial account, making it a total of 15.

SEO-Optimized Article Creation

With Agility Writer, the process of creating SEO-optimized articles is simplified and streamlined. Its advanced AI technology swiftly generates content without needing extra SEO tools.

It empowers you to develop topical authority articles within minutes, significantly reducing your writing time. The tools’ capability to automate bulk content generation with internal linking is impressive, saving time and effort for busy online marketers or bloggers. It can also post directly to your WordPress blog to make things even more easier.

Plus, it aids in avoiding AI detection tools, ensuring that each piece of content remains unique and original.

Fast article generation

Agility Writer shines in its fast content creation capability. Generating up to 3000 words of highly factual and original, SEO-optimized articles in just seven minutes is a feat unmatched by many tools on the market today.

This tool excels in rapid generation and in its ability to produce high-quality, ready-to-rank articles without needing further optimization using additional SEO gears.

A top choice due to its AI-powered speed and efficiency, Agility Writer represents time-saving article creation at its finest!

Creating topical authority articles in minutes

With Agility Writer, you can generate topical authority articles in a matter of minutes. The AI technology utilized by this tool empowers you to create quality content swiftly and efficiently.

You need to feed the keywords or subject, and the Outline Builder will provide a comprehensive outline for your article. Drawing from the sites that rank on those specific keywords it offers insights that boost your article’s credibility while catering to SEO needs.

That’s not all; GPT-4 integration allows for long-form content creation without compromising readability or relevance. So whether you are building an informative resource for users or keeping up with Google’s latest algorithms favoring authoritative content, Agility Writer is your reliable partner.

Automating bulk content generation with internal linking

Automating content creation with Agility Writer revolutionizes the way writers work. It churns out multiple articles in one go, a feature aptly called ‘Bulk Mode’, resulting in efficient content production and time-saving.

The tool’s impressive capabilities don’t stop there – it ensures all generated pieces interlink smoothly. Internal linking boosts SEO optimization by keeping readers engaged and guiding them to other relevant content.

The advanced artificial intelligence technology that powers this feature is more than just an innovation; it’s a game-changer for SEO-optimized article creation. Embedding relevant keywords and terms into the landscape of each piece helps improve search rankings significantly.

Factual data access also forms part of these processes, ensuring accuracy isn’t compromised during high-speed output generation. With Agility Writer, bulk content generation becomes effortless while maintaining high-quality outputs crucial for ranking.

Avoiding AI detection tools

AW has its way with AI detection tools. It cleverly evades AI culprits, allowing for smooth article creation while enhancing visibility in search engine results.

The key to this unique capability lies in its ability to create content that not only passes SEO scrutiny but also outsmarts AI detectors with 99% accuracy. In this feature, it beats competitors like Koala Writer hands down.

Getting your articles indexed by search engines without triggering false alarms has never been so effortless!

How to Write a Compelling Roundup Review with Agility Writer

In this section, we’ll dive into a step-by-step guide on creating a compelling 4700-word roundup review using Agility Writer’s features.

A step-by-step guide to writing a 4700-word roundup review

Let’s dive into the process of crafting a 4700-word roundup review using Agility Writer:

  1. First, open the Agility Writer application. The user-friendly interface makes navigation much easier for any writers, tech enthusiasts, or AI writers.
  2. Choose the “Roundup Review” template, which is created specifically to cater for detailed product analysis.
  3. Input your product details into the Review Settings. This includes both digital products and Amazon items as well.
  4. Add your affiliate link into the bottom-right corner.
  5. After you’ve added the title and the products, press Create Outline to get the article’s optimized outline.
  6. Once you’ve settled with the generated outline or added more things to it, it’s time to add it to the writing queue.
  7. Use this cost-effective workflow to create compelling articles consistently – remember there’s a sweet 10% discount on Agility Writer!

Leveraging Agility Writer’s features to create high-quality content

Agility Writer breaks the mold with innovative features that make content creation a breeze. This tool enables me to generate SEO-optimized articles complete with ideal headings, rich formatting, and optimized keywords. And when we say rich formatting, AW will easily create lists and tables for each article.

Achieving an unrivaled SEO score while maintaining optimal readability is a feat made possible by Agility Writer. The software’s superior technology outperforms other AI-generated tools in producing well-rounded blog posts, product reviews, and more at the push of a button. Did I say that it also has an “Improve Readability” feature? You need to try it out 🙂

Reviews and feedback from users

I’ve spent a significant amount of time sorting through numerous reviews and feedback from users of Agility Writer. Here’s what I found:

  • Most users praised Agility Writer for its ability to craft engaging long-form articles effectively.
  • Some highlighted the minimal manual intervention required, allowing them to focus on other significant aspects of their writing projects.
  • I’ve seen the phrase “SEO powerhouse” thrown around as well.
  • Many users found great satisfaction with the quick turnaround time in generating bulk content.
  • While some users had interface-related requests or additional minor issues, the consensus was that it was simple but effective.
  • Users also commended the AI tool for consistently passing an originality assessment, assuring plagiarism-free material every time.


Agility Writer brings significant advantages to content creation, offering unique benefits that cannot be overlooked.

  1. Streamlines Long-Form Article Writing: With Agility Writer, I can create engaging long-form articles effortlessly. Its advanced AI technology generates well-structured and coherent content in no time.
  2. Saves Time and Reduces Manual Intervention: The tool’s automatic operation saves me a lot of time.
  3. Enhances SEO Optimization: Agility Writer excels in producing SEO-friendly blog posts and product reviews. It plays a critical role in improving search engine rankings.
  4. Delivers High-Quality Content: One of the greatest advantages is the quality of the text it creates. It develops impressive, rich SEO content with 99% accuracy.
  5. Increases Productivity: Large-scale content generation becomes easy with Agility Writer, eliminating the tedious task of manually writing each article.
  6. Provides Expert Validation: Industry experts validate the effectiveness of its AI technology for SEO, which boosts my confidence in what it delivers.
  7. Creates In-Demand Content Types: This flexible tool easily manages various writing projects, including blog posts, product reviews, and content for business pages.

Is Agility Writer the best SEO AI writer?

Agility Writer stands out as the best SEO AI writer currently, with its superior capabilities for generating long-form content and its GPT-4 only generation. The tool offers a seamless experience by crafting quality articles requiring minimal manual intervention.

It’s worth noting that Agility Writer doesn’t just match the functionality of other ChatGPT writers but often surpasses them in delivering richly optimized content.

Lastly, articles written by Agility Writer pass most of the AI-detecting tools online. The only service that sometimes catches AW is Originality.AI. However, if you want to be sure, a 10-minute manual revision of the generated article will fix that.