Bing Chat gets a feature-rich major update

Bing Chat is an innovative tool enhanced by the power of ChatGPT that entered Open Preview. This means that most users can access it without needing an invite or registering to a waiting list. Over this relatively short time, the chatbot hasn’t been idle, as multiple updates have been introduced to improve its performance and user experience. These updates haven’t been minor tweaks either; they’ve substantially transformed the chatbot’s abilities.

We’re excited to announce that Bing Chat has reached a new milestone in its evolution. Users can now enjoy visual answers as part of their interaction with the chatbot. This adds a new dimension to the chatbot experience, making it even more engaging and informative.

But that’s not all. Bing Chat has also been upgraded to offer better text formatting. This means that conversations with the chatbot will be clearer and easier to follow, enhancing the overall quality of the interaction.

And lastly, users can now share their conversations. This new feature enables users to share insightful and fun moments from their interactions with the chatbot, enriching the Bing Chat community experience.

Bing Chat steps up the Search game

Browsing through Bing Chat is set to become a more visually stimulating journey. Enhanced with elements like charts and graphs and improved text formatting, it aims to present a more captivating and interactive method for users to find solutions to their queries. It’s a fact that Microsoft has underscored: our brains are wired to process visual information at a speed that’s around 60,000 times faster than it takes to decipher text.

In addition to these visual enhancements, Microsoft has another ambitious project underway. They are developing a feature allowing users to upload images to Bing Chat, enabling them to search the web using these images. While this exciting functionality isn’t currently available, it promises to add another layer of convenience and efficiency to the user experience once implemented.

But that’s not all. Microsoft has also been diligently working on other areas of improvement for Bing Chat. One such notable advancement is the introduction of a Chat History feature. This functionality, which has been progressively rolled out to users over the past few weeks, deserves special attention.

Once this feature is activated for you, it will start preserving your conversations. This means you can revisit them whenever you want, ensuring that none of the valuable information you exchanged with Bing gets lost. This new ability to recall past interactions makes it significantly easier to keep a record of Bing’s responses and the various conversation threads you’ve engaged in with the tool. This makes your interactions with Bing more meaningful and adds to the richness of your overall Bing Chat experience.