Blue Protocol Release in the West Delayed Until 2024

In this morning’s live stream for Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco shared some crucial updates. They broke the news that the release of Blue Protocol in the Western market will not happen as planned. The original schedule had the release set for the latter half of 2023, but there has been a delay. Fans eagerly waiting for Blue Protocol in the west must look forward to 2024. The official website for the game has been updated to mirror these changes. It now showcases a message indicating that the game is “coming in 2024.”

A statement on the official website sheds light on the new development timeline. It states, “Our planned release window is moving to 2024 as we work toward launching Blue Protocol in the West across PC, Xbox X|S, and PlayStation 5.”

Bandai Namco Online and Amazon Games are gearing up for the much-anticipated June release of Blue Protocol in Japan. Excitement is high as the game is all set to go live in the region.

For the gaming community in Japan, the much-awaited Blue Protocol will be launched on June 14. Adding to the excitement, Bandai Namco has also planned a PC Closed Beta Test to later on. The sign-ups for the closed beta are already open for those interested in participating in this exciting beta test. You can head over to the official Blue Protocol website to register and get a chance to experience the game before its official launch.

Western gamers have already expressed disappointment with the delay, many expecting the game to hit the live services this year. Some voices say the reason behind this delay with the much anticipated Diablo 4 game, which will probably take the spotlight this summer, and possibly the whole year. We won’t know for sure, but it’s a strong point to be made. After all, for many, these 2 titles are the most anticipated games this year.