ChatGPT Plus is getting Internet access

Subscribers of ChatGPT will get a nice surprise this week as ChatGPT is officially allowed to use the Internet.

Subscribed users are on the cusp of receiving exclusive, early access to innovative, experimental features set to take the already popular chatbot to new heights. On the horizon for next week, we have the introduction of web integration and plugins. These are in their beta stages but promise to deliver a fresh, exciting dimension to your ChatGPT Plus experience.

As a subscriber of ChatGPT Plus, you’ll be happy to find a fresh beta panel emerging in your settings as of next week. While both updates promise to add exciting facets to your ChatGPT Plus experience, we anticipate that most users will find themselves irresistibly drawn to the intriguing potential of the chatbot’s new web browsing capabilities. This particular feature promises to become an integral and fascinating part of the AI’s functionality.

In the recent OpenAI blog post about these beta features, it has been unveiled that the fresh, internet-connected incarnation of ChatGPT will possess an impressive ability. It will have the know-how to surf the internet at the right times and in the right ways to respond to queries related to current events or hot topics.

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Imagine the sheer convenience of it all! You could ask ChatGPT about a topic making headlines in the news. Maybe you’re a film or TV buff, always looking for the latest trivia related to recently released movies or series. ChatGPT has got you covered. This enhanced version of ChatGPT is set to make your life easier, more informed, and certainly more interesting.

So, what does this change mean for ChatGPT, or more precisely, the beta version accessible to the Plus subscribers? It implies a significant shift from its previous mode of operation. The chatbot will no longer have to lean solely on the finite dataset it was initially trained on. The world of the internet will now be its playground, and it’s set to use this vast resource to become an even more effective tool for its users.

Out of curiosity, we asked ChatGPT if he’s happy getting Internet access, but as suspected, he doesn’t know yet. He politely told us that he’s only relying on data until September 2021.

We can’t wait to find out how ChatGPT will handle various queries when he’ll get access to all the information on the web.