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Fast paced open source search platform for enterprise use

Apache Solr is a popular and extremely fast search engine that is open source and intended for enterprise use. It has evolved from Apache Lucene project.

This powerful search platform has been written in Java and it can be run as a standalone full text search server as a part of servlet container software like Tomcat. It uses the Lucene Java search library for full text indexing and search operations and it has support for APIss such as REST-like HTTP/XML and JSON in order to make it easy to use and compatible with almost any programming language today.

This program features an incredibly powerful external configuration that allow it to be built in into almost any third party application without coding in Java, and it also features an extensive plugin architecture for easier advanced customization.

Major features of Apache Solr are its incredible full text and faceted search, dynamic clustering, hit highlighting, database integration, rich document support and handling (including .DOC and .PDF) and geospatial search.

Solr is highly scalable tool that is used as distributed search and index replication and it is the main part of many search and navigation features of the many famous and popular websites.

Other features of Apache Solr include advanced full-text search capabilities that are fine-tuned specifically for High Volume Web traffic, along with standards based open interfaces such as XML, JSON and HTTP. There is also support for comprehensive HTML administration interfaces and advanced server statistics that are exposed over JMX for easier monitoring. It has great salability and efficient replication to other search servers and it offers flexible and adaptable XML configuration.

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