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BrainSharper: Write down ideas and organize them with this straightforward application

The classic method of writing down your idea on a piece of paper may not be completely obsolete, but using a specialized application like Brainsharper to organize your thoughts is a far superior solution. This tool lets you add notes as diagrams which can be connected and grouped for the ultimate way to keep your ideas sorted.

The application’s interface has a modern look and feel, being designed for ease of use. Nevertheless, it does provide a few tips at first so you can quickly learn how to use it. BrainSharper can be particularly useful to express concepts, thoughts and idea which are difficult to explain, but not only.

You can tap in any area of the UI to create new nodes, and they can be easily connected using lines. What’s more, the app also allows you to add labels (for better sorting) and create groups.

Nodes can be resized so the text describing them is displayed correctly. To highlight a notion or an idea, users can also change the background colors (even for multiple node groups at once).

To assist you, the app will automatically change the color of the words when you choose a different background color to ensure it remains visible. When you finish creating and/or editing your project BrainSharper lets you save it as a PNG file.

A noteworthy option is that the color of the words automatically changes when you modify the background one, so you do not have to worry about the visibility of the text. Then again, you should you do not really have too many color options to play with.

As a side note, the program only allows you to save your project in a PNG format and it would be useful if it supported more file formats.

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