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One of the best apps that will help plan everything ahead of time and help manage expenses.
7 / 581
94.6 Mb
Graphviz 2.49.1
A great software to that makes it easy to create graphs
2 / 1,147
4.6 Mb
Easy Screen OCR 2.1.0
Take screenshots of your desktop and convert the images to text that can be edited and shared with other users via this straightforward tool
17 / 2,775
7.4 Mb
PhotoPageGen 7.8
Generate albums that contain photos on your computer or YouTube videos and publish them directly to a web server, a FTP server or a third party hosting service
16 / 2,088
4.2 Mb
ScreenToGif 2.34
Record your current display screen with this application, which also supports webcam image capturing and allows you to generate GIF animations
4 / 1,628
3.5 Mb
Vitascene 4.0.285
A professional video editing software that bundles a comprehensive selection of moods and effects
10 / 8,809
149 Mb
Bytescout Watermarking PRO
A feature-rich watermarking tool that lets you apply text and image watermarks on your images
5 / 7,713
1.8 Mb
Bytescout Watermarking
A lightweight application that lets you easily apply watermarks on multiple images at once
6 / 8,242
1.8 Mb
Avocode 4.15.2
Collaborate on Photoshop and Sketch designs with this application that lets you and your colleagues comment, share and upload revisions for your projects
5 / 1,373
139 Mb
Digital Color Meter 1.2
A free and open-source color picker that lets you extract RGB or HEX color values
13 / 8,292
0.352539 Mb
Phoyo 3.6 Build 761
Use your computer as a virtual photo booth by taking photos with your webcam
8 / 1,247
170 Mb
WPanorama 13.1.2
A small tool that lets you view panoramic pictures by scrolling horizontally or vertically
6 / 1,430
5.4 Mb
An advanced 3D viewer, converter and publisher that lets you export your 3D models to PDF and WebGL files
11 / 1,511
9.3 Mb
AlbumMe 5.9.0
A robust and friendly application that lets you easily create beautiful slideshows
8 / 1,530
31.4 Mb
IceCream Slideshow Maker 4.06
A friendly but comprehensive application that lets you create custom slideshows
20 / 2,327
20.8 Mb
A lightweight tool that lets you adjust color, black, and white filters for your JPG photos
4 / 1,235
3.6 Mb
Mylio 3.16 Build 7335
Create a Life Calendar to keep your favorite photos organized in chapters
3 / 1,546
155 Mb
Muster 9.0.14
A robust render farm manager that can perform batch process jobs for film production, visual effects and game development
9 / 1,913
80.8 Mb
CrazyTalk 8.13.3615.3.1
Generate animated images with this 3D animation software focused on facial expressions
5 / 1,618
515 Mb
A robust image editor that lets you build, modify and compose the textures for your 3D models
4 / 1,491
43.3 Mb