JProfiler: Profile Java-based applications to fix threading issues and identify performance bottlenecks

JProfiler is a handy tool that allows you to dynamically profile Java-based applications and and perform an accurate analysis so you can solve problems and optimize performance.

The application allows you to provile a JMV running locally, a Java Web Start application, a local or remote application server or browser applets that the Java plugin supports.

One of the major advantages of Jprofile is its incredible ease of use. This is extremely important because you need to focus on profiling your apps, not on learning how to use the program.

Setting up the session is a very intuitive process and even beginners won’t have a hard-time with this thanks to third-party integrations.

Profiling data is shown in real-time so you can see info on CPU, memory and threads live as the app is running. Snapshots can be saved at any time, manually or scheduled.

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    Mar 13, 2024
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