Software Development

Top 10 Freeware
Delphi 7 Enterprise 7
Borland DelphiTM 7 Studio Enterprise
TZUpdater 2.2.0
The next Java platform by Sun Microsystems
Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker 5.1.4
Track a GPS enabled cell phone on Google maps
Auto Typer And Auto Clicker 1.4
Can auto type a list of messages
Java JRE 10.0.2
Run Java applications
Eclipse SDK 4.7.3a
Open-source Java IDE and platform for apps
Visual C++ Runtime Installer v56
Install the runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries
Android SDK 28.0.2
Create applications for Android phones
Qbasic 1.0
Check for error as you type your program
DEV-C++ 5.11
A full-featured IDE for C/C++
Latest Updates
SPFLite 2.1.20019
A file editor designed in the style of the IBM editor SPF, but with more features
2D / 3D technical data analyzing tool
Software Ideas Modeler 12.10
A friendly and functional application that allows you to create UML, JSD and other diagram types
RJ TextEd 14.30
A reliable text and source code editor that comes packed to the brim with syntax highlighting options
jGRASP 2.0.6_01
A functional development environment offering Complexity Profile Graphs, Control Structure Diagrams and dynamic object viewers
scViewerX 6.80
An immersive ActiveX control tool for viewing and printing HPGL/2 files
Processing 3.5.4
Helps you learn the bascis of programming in a visual manner
Armadillo 9.800.4
A C++ library that can help you get your work completed quickly and efficiently
Understand 5.1 Build 1013
A comprehensive tool supporting a variety of programming languages that analyzes your code for errors
SuperCollider 3.10.4
Audio synthesis programming language for specialists.
MiTeC EXE Explorer
Retrieves and displays executable file properties
Komodo IDE
A comprehensive IDE for editing and debugging code, with support for numerous programming languages, such as JavaScript, HTML, C / C++, XML, Perl, Python, and PHP
Universal SQL Editor
A feature-rich graphical tool that lets you easily write and execute SQL statements
Visual Micro 1909.28.0
A free Microsoft Visual Studio plugin that can be used to create Arduino compatible cross-platform applications
TNTsdk 2019 Build 2020115
A set of tools that let you develop applications that collaborate with TNTmips
Sort by: Recently Added Top Rated Popular Downloads
TurboC++ for Windows
The newer version of Turbo C++
1 / 89
2.6 Mb
SnipAway 1.2.1
Write and edit any type of code with this easy-to-use and highly customizable snippet manager, which uses different themes and colors to help you better organize your work
4 / 1,668
46.5 Mb
NetBeans IDE 11.2
Open-source Integrated Development Environment for software developers, with support for multiple languages, a code completion feature and impressive debugging capabilities
2 / 1,319
322 Mb
VisualFiles Script Editor 2019.09.19.2038
A programmer's editor for VisualFiles scripts, providing support for both VFS and TXT files, with syntax highlighting and other similar features
0 / 1,219
1.2 Mb
CTrayNotifyIcon 1.71
Create and test system tray icons for development and functionality purposes with the help of this lightweight and simple program.
0 / 1,251
0.0849609 Mb
Drupal 8.8.1
Create web content that you can customize to the very detail and that can accommodate various industry branches using the advanced tools of this script
1 / 726
29.4 Mb
Microsoft PIX 1911.27
Specifically designed for game developers, this Microsoft-signed application enables you to debug and tune DirectX 12 games on your Windows PC
0 / 752
92.5 Mb
ProgramEdit 4.9
A simple to use source code editor, which enables you to view and modify pieces of text using powerful functions
0 / 1,118
1.7 Mb
DtWinVer 2.40
Comprehensive operating system detection class to get various information on the OS
0 / 871
1.4 Mb
MFCMAPI 19.2.19207.938
Enables experienced users to investigate Exchange and Outlook issues
2 / 1,119
1.6 Mb
BabelEdit 2.6.1
A powerful free translation editor for JSON files
0 / 529
38.5 Mb
Software code analysing tool
0 / 3,037
2.5 Mb
PE Explorer 1.99 R6
Load and analyze portable executable files with this free and open-source tool
0 / 7,453
3.6 Mb
Lightmod 1.4.5
An open-source and cross-platform Ingenious Clojure development tool that lets you create full-stack Clojure apps
1 / 428
134 Mb
Dotfuscator Professional Edition 4.43.2
Secure your .NET apps against intellectual property theft, tampering, and reverse engineering
1 / 8,391
25.9 Mb
Teamscale 5.6.2
Analyze, monitor and optimize code quality for popular programming languages
1 / 1,030
236 Mb
JarToExe 3.0
Easily convert Java files into executable binary files
0 / 2,574
0.2 Mb
AccessImagine 1.74
A practical application that lets you efficiently process and store images in your Microsoft Access or SQL database projects
0 / 6,735
1.8 Mb
Active Sound Studio 2018
A versatile software bundle that provides ActiveX controls you can use to add sound recording and editing functionality to other programs
0 / 6,389
24.9 Mb
Actual Installer Free 7.5
A straightforward software program that lets you easily create setup files for Windows applications
0 / 487
8.8 Mb