Software Development

Top 10 Freeware
Delphi 7 Enterprise 7
Borland DelphiTM 7 Studio Enterprise
Java SE Development Kit JDK 11.0.6
The next Java platform by Sun Microsystems
Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker 5.1.4
Track a GPS enabled cell phone on Google maps
Auto Typer And Auto Clicker 1.4
Can auto type a list of messages
Java JRE 10.0.2
Run Java applications
Eclipse SDK 4.7.3a
Open-source Java IDE and platform for apps
Visual C++ Runtime Installer v56
Install the runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries
Android SDK 28.0.2
Create applications for Android phones
Qbasic 1.0
Check for error as you type your program
DEV-C++ 5.11
A full-featured IDE for C/C++
Latest Updates
WordPress 5.7.2
Powerful Blogging Application
Create Amazon Web Services compatible Java software
GdPicture.NET SDK 14.1.114
A comprehensive Royalty Free Imaging Document Imaging SDK
RJ TextEd 14.80.1
A reliable text and source code editor that comes packed to the brim with syntax highlighting options
Jailer 10.4.7
An effective Java-based data export and extraction utility
Dotfuscator Professional Edition 6.4.0
Secure your .NET apps against intellectual property theft, tampering, and reverse engineering
Octopus Deploy 2020.6.4987
A robust deployment server that helps you automate and speed up production of.NET applications and websites
Virtual Serial Port Driver Pro 10.0 Build 10.0.858
A handy application that lets you create virtual serial port pairs on PC
Edit and compile code or build new projects with this complex and lightweight application
Rust 1.52.1
A safe, concurrent, practical language.
An advanced tool that lets you create programming scripts in more than 130 languages
MFCMAPI 21.0.21127.03
Enables experienced users to investigate Exchange and Outlook issues
x64dbg 2021-05-08_14-17 Snapshot
Quickly debug your applications with this comprehensive application
Closure Compiler 20210406
A useful compiler for optimizing JavaScript code by removing dead code areas, verifying the syntax and the variable references
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2021.1.1 Build 211.7142.45
A handy application, that helps developers to create and debug mobile and web apps
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Apk Easy Tool 1.56
A good APK file editor and compiler
271 / 4,273
17.5 Mb
Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager 7.6.6
Accelerate your Android SDK with Intel HAXM
53 / 1,083
0.5 Mb
Oracle SQL Developer
Development and management IDE for Oracle
159 / 6,399
410 Mb
TurboC++ for Windows
The newer version of Turbo C++
132 / 5,115
2.6 Mb
SnipAway 1.2.6
Write and edit any type of code with this easy-to-use and highly customizable snippet manager, which uses different themes and colors to help you better organize your work
60 / 2,150
48.8 Mb
Apache NetBeans IDE 12.3
Open-source Integrated Development Environment for software developers, with support for multiple languages, a code completion feature and impressive debugging capabilities
43 / 1,803
387 Mb
VisualFiles Script Editor 2019.09.19.2038
A programmer's editor for VisualFiles scripts, providing support for both VFS and TXT files, with syntax highlighting and other similar features
59 / 1,394
1.2 Mb
CTrayNotifyIcon 1.73
Create and test system tray icons for development and functionality purposes with the help of this lightweight and simple program.
114 / 1,410
0.0849609 Mb
Drupal 9.1.8
Create web content that you can customize to the very detail and that can accommodate various industry branches using the advanced tools of this script
11 / 905
29 Mb
Microsoft PIX 2104.20
Specifically designed for game developers, this Microsoft-signed application enables you to debug and tune DirectX 12 games on your Windows PC
9 / 930
114 Mb
ProgramEdit 5.0.2
A simple to use source code editor, which enables you to view and modify pieces of text using powerful functions
27 / 1,319
2.1 Mb
DtWinVer 2.48
Comprehensive operating system detection class to get various information on the OS
13 / 1,082
1.4 Mb
MFCMAPI 21.0.21127.03
Enables experienced users to investigate Exchange and Outlook issues
36 / 1,938
1.6 Mb
BabelEdit 2.8.0
A powerful free translation editor for JSON files
17 / 803
36.5 Mb
Software code analysing tool
5 / 3,221
2.6 Mb
PE Explorer 1.99 R6
Load and analyze portable executable files with this free and open-source tool
17 / 7,872
3.6 Mb
Lightmod 1.4.5
An open-source and cross-platform Ingenious Clojure development tool that lets you create full-stack Clojure apps
11 / 606
134 Mb
Dotfuscator Professional Edition 6.4.0
Secure your .NET apps against intellectual property theft, tampering, and reverse engineering
32 / 8,774
39.9 Mb
Teamscale 5.9.4
Analyze, monitor and optimize code quality for popular programming languages
13 / 1,213
274 Mb
JarToExe 3.0
Easily convert Java files into executable binary files
15 / 2,816
0.2 Mb