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A full-featured tag editor and file renamer

A full-featured tag editor and file renamer for the MP3 collector
MP3 Tag Clinic displays all your tag data from all files in a folder in a feature-rich, editable table.

MP3 Tag Clinic will help you to edit tag fields individually or select a multi-file combination of fields or tags to apply at once the same editing function to all of them. Rename files based upon their tag data, or create the tag data itself by extracting it from file names.

Automatically create folders based upon tag data, and relocate your files there as they are being renamed. Customized file rename formats can be saved for reuse, and file name changes can be previewed and undone.

Optionally and automatically convert special character sequences, trim extra space, and perform capitalization functions.

Swap tag data between fields, search and replace, define custom genres, synchronize ID3v1 and ID3v2.Create custom tag and play lists, view and embed images, drag & drop, and more.


· Displays ID3v1.0 through ID3v2.4 tags in a spreadsheet-style table and makes them all immediately editable, either individually or in selectable combinations.
· Copies tag data from ID3v1 to ID3v2, and vice versa.
· Converts ID3v2.3 to ID3v2.4, and vice versa.
· Fills in empty tags of one version with data from another.
· Optionally and automatically propagates changes made to ID3v1 into ID3v2, and/or vice versa.
Renames MP3 files based upon tag data they contain, using either ID3v1 or ID3v2 data.
· Fills in tag data by extracting it from file names.
· Creates custom renaming formats easily saved for reuse.
· Renames hundreds of MP3 files to the format of your choice with just a single mouse click.
· Renames can be previewed before they are applied.
· Renames are reversible once applied.
· Supports automatic directory-restructuring/file-relocation as files are being renamed.
· Supports multiple ID3v2 comments and URL fields in a single tag.
· Supports MusicMatch custom information fields.
· Supports Media Jukebox custom informaton fields
· Supports all URL fields.
· Supports both synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics.
· Supports encapsulated objects.
· Provides built-in Genre Editors for both ID3v1 and ID3v2 genres.
· Contains built-in unsynchronized Lyrics Editor.
· Includes a special Column editor for performing common editing tasks on the same field in all tags.
· Supports importation of tag data by drag-and-drop from an outside data source via OLE.
· Supports file drag & drop to and from your favorite browser.
· Supports reordering of files within the Editor by drag & drop of individual editor rows.
· Supports quick folder reloads from a database file, instead of re-reading all tags.
· Supports Intellipan via mouse wheel.
· Performs indexed sorts on multiple tag fields at once.
· Completely removes ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags from selected files upon request.
· Compresses ID3v2 tags automatically as they are updated, or upon request for selected files.
· Provides separate popup menus for quick-editing of individual tag fields, or multiple fields or files.
· Displays images contained in tags, adds or deletes them, and edits image captions.
· Browses tag images by full view or thumbnail.
· Searches tags for user-defined expressions.
· Searches for and replaces characters, words, or expressions in tags.
· Quickly inserts or deletes parts of a prospective filename.
· Optionally and automatically converts underbars and other special characters, trims extra space, performs capitalization functions, and more.
· Displays technical data about each file.
· Plays and enqueues selected file(s) with your default MP3 player.
· Creates custom WinAMPâ playlists.
· Contains an integrated file browser for easy navigation and manipulation of MP3 files.
· Print-previews and prints all tags, or selected tags/tag fields, in a folder.
· Saves data to Text, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, and CSV file formats (requires OLE server).
· Includes help file.
· Supports Windows 9X, ME, NT, 2000, XP (minimum screen resolution 800x600).
· Upgrades are free to registered users.

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