Audio & Video

Top 10 Freeware
Adobe Flash Player
Best flash player for Windows
VLC Media Player 3.0.18
A great multi-platform multimedia player
Media player with full VCD/DVD playback
Storm Codec 7.01.19
Addon & Enhance of Windows Media Player
Share and listen to music on your computer
WinHIIP 1.7.6
Allows access to internal hard disk drives
mp3DirectCut 2.36
Tool for editing MPEG audio directly
Nero Platinum 2022
One of the most popular disc burning solutions that lets you easily write data on any CD or DVD
DVDFab HD Decrypter
Good HD decrypter and burner
Latest Updates
A small application that lets you record and edit audio samples them add them to your mixes
A high-quality music streaming service for every music enthusiast
A great video editor that helps you put together precious moments, presentations and educational content.
All My Movies 9.2 Build 1475
A simple solution for cataloging and organizing your movie collection
Spotify App
Download and listen to your favourite music using this handy and efficient commercial music streaming service.
Mp3tag 3.22b
Mp3tag is the universal Tag editor
Orinj 7.0.9
A multitrack recording and mixing application equipped with wave and MIDI editing
XMedia Recode
Convert all of your audio and video files quickly and easily with this powerful and easy to configure program
True Burner 9.4
Burn files and disc images, create multimedia or bootable discs, as well as erase rewritable discs, by using this handy piece of software
Plex Media Server
Complete Media Center
Nero Platinum 2022
One of the most popular disc burning solutions that lets you easily write data on any CD or DVD
Subtitle Workshop 6.2.4
A reliable subtitle editor that offers spell check, advanced view/preview and other useful features
PlayOn Home
Stream online video from a variety of well-known content providers with this powerful and efficient media server
VoiceBot Pro 3.9.6
Use preset profiles for a wide variety of programs to send voice commands to your computer
Nero Platinum 2022
A top-notch multimedia suite that lets you create and burn discs, as well as convert almost any media format
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Spotify Lite APK for Android
The Lite version of the popular Spotify app
12 / 1,258
25.4 Mb
Reliable program for recreating CMI-specific sounds.
9 / 1,606
358 Mb
Melodics 3.1.1058.0
Great program to explore music in an interactive manner.
4 / 2,356
60 Mb
Easy Diffusion 2.5.24
Great software with many options to generate art.
37 / 3,554
1600 Mb
Oto Music for Desktop 2.4.2
Reliable music player for users that want to offline listen to their favorite songs.
1 / 1,436
90.9 Mb
Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player 6.7.60
Reliable video player for users that need to run videos both from their hard drive and disks.
3 / 1,554
2.4 Mb
Yomikiru 2.18.0
Reliable offline manga reader for users that want to read their favorite works.
11 / 2,459
86.9 Mb
Video Comparison Player 2.0.0
Great application for users that need simultaneous playback and other helpful functions.
15 / 1,865
79.5 Mb
Great program for analyzing Blu-ray discs or the mounted ISO files to obtain detailed reports.
9 / 1,783
1 Mb
Song Sheet
Useful application for composing songs and learning to paly the guitar.
3 / 1,285
10.2 Mb
Absentia DX 3.3.4
Reliable software for removing background noise from voice recordings and other tracks.
42 / 2,888
335 Mb
Music Caster 5.13.38
Handy media player for users that want to play their music via Home Mini, Chromecast, or other devices.
7 / 1,632
55.1 Mb
MultiMax 3.32.02
Reliable software for improving the sound quality of music files.
36 / 2,583
1.9 Mb
ImPlay 1.3.3
Great alternative to media player that supports many playback controls, editing tools and a reliable command palette.
5 / 1,373
52 Mb
Movies by CraigWorks 0.4.11
Reliable software for users that want an easier time organizing their collection of movies.
2 / 1,539
89.7 Mb
Lyric Video Creator 6.0.1
Great tool for creating music videos with incorporated text to be used for karaoke or presentations.
3 / 1,518
63.7 Mb
Aiseesoft Video Editor 1.0.18
Useful application to help users process videos before using them or uploading to social networks.
6 / 1,403
40.5 Mb
Player for DVD's Lite 1.488.235.0
Reliable tool for previewing the preferred audio and video content.
2 / 1,351
344 Mb
User-friendly software for individuals that want to view spherical panoramic photographs.
4 / 1,616
255 Mb
SimpleCodeGenerator 1.12
Reliable software for generating QR codes for text and URLs.
45 / 1,922
0.0449219 Mb