Remote Utilities Host

Remote Utilities Host

Remote Utilities Host: Remote control software for secure access to PCs and laptops

Remote Utilities (RUT) is remote control software for secure access to computers, servers and laptops over a LAN or over the Internet. You can view the remote PC screen and control its mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting right in front of the PC. With RUT you can provide technical support to your customers, help your friends and family members to perform various tasks on the PC and administer the local network in your organization.

The program consists of two components: the RUT-Viewer component which is installed on the local PC and the RUT-Server component which is installed on the remote PC.

RUT-Viewer is a free application which can be installed on any PC or Laptop and used as a means to connect to a remote PC in one of the several connection modes. When working in a specific connection mode you can easily switch to a different mode right in the RUT-Viewer window without re-entering the password.

RUT-Server should be running on the remote computer in order for you to be able to control it via RUT-Viewer. The program starts as a service so you can restart the system on the unattended remote PC and yet be able to re-connect to it. RUT-Server also allows you to establish a callback (reverse) connection from the remote PC to the local PC in case there is a NAT or a firewall preventing you to establish a direct connection.

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