Network Tools

Top 10 Freeware
netcut 3.0.127
ARP Protocol kernel Tester
Ammyy Admin 3.5
Ammyy Admin is a remote computer access tool
oDC 5.31
Direct Connect client
StrongDC 2.42
Peer-to-peer client for the DirectConnect networks
Netman 6.41
A great assisatant for remote work
free open source file sharing program
eMule 0.50a
Filesharing client based on the eDonkey2000
Anti Netcut 3.1.0
Prevents Internet disconnection
ApexDC 1.6.5
Improved interface and much more!
10's Netcut-Defender 2.1.4
Protect Your Network Connection
Latest Updates
WinSSHTerm 2.14.0
Simple-to-use GUI for PuTTY or KiTTY that makes it easier to manage multiple SSH sessions and offers support for file transfers and X applications
RemotePC 7.6.37 (21-November-2020)
Gain remote access and control to another computer
Unified Remote (48)
Remotely control your computer whenever you’d like with your cell phone using this handy and reliable application
TrustViewer 2.3.3 Build 3926
A friendly application that lets you remote access and control computers
EMCO Ping Monitor
Monitor network connections and send messages when lost or restore events occur
JDisc Discovery 5.0 Build 5043
Scan your network to detect connected devices and receive comprehensive information about them
Snort 2.9.17
A robust network intrusion detection and prevention system for real-time packet logging and traffic analysis on IP networks
Tresorit 3.5.2380.1340
Store, share and synchronize data securely with this cloud-based application
TightVNC 2.8.53
TightVNC is a free remote control
netcut 3.0.127
ARP Protocol kernel Tester
Insync 3.3.2 Build 40903
A simple solution to ensure your Google Docs are continuously synchronized across multiple devices
MEGAsync 4.3.8
A friendly piece of software you can use to create a path between a local source folder and cloud drive for file synchronization
FrostWire 6.8.8 Build 299
P2P Gnutella client based on Limewire
Wi-Fi Scanner 5.0.0 Build 293
Scan and get details regarding all available wireless connections
LOGINventory 8.3.8
Catalogue information regarding your program licences, hardware devices, and network information by using this useful and efficient application
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A simple and powerful network monitor
17 / 4,365
3.2 Mb
Baidu WiFi Hotspot 5.1.4
Set-up a wireless hotspot in seconds
15 / 3,624
4.9 Mb
Cisco Packet Tracer 7.3.0
Powerful network simulation program
14 / 2,479
147 Mb
Transfer files between your devices with ease
34 / 1,927
6.1 Mb
Monitor the currently running programs which require access to the Internet via HTTP or TCP and find out information about running processes
19 / 2,060
3.4 Mb
TCP Over SSL Tunnel 2.0
Effortlessly Set up SSL connections with SNI Host support using this networking tool that features SSLv23, TLSv1, TLSv1.1 and TLS1.2
24 / 2,198
19.6 Mb
Termshark 2.1.1
Intercept and analyze the traffic from live interfaces or read pcap files that you already captured using this straightforward tool
4 / 1,430
5.9 Mb
WiFi Manager 2.6.1 Build 448
Manage the wireless network connections in your range, view valuable information, and connect to any preferred access point using this tool
4 / 841
36.4 Mb
WifiChannelMonitor 1.65
A Wi-Fi traffic capturing application that enables you to view a list of all the access points, the connected clients and their identification information
29 / 1,883
0.324219 Mb
LiveTcpUdpWatch 1.32
Display live information about all TCP and UDP activity on your system by turning to this lightweight, portable software solution
5 / 1,165
0.0732422 Mb
mRemoteNG 1.76.20
An advanced remote connection session manager that features a multi-tabbed interface, facilitating access to multiple connections at once
5 / 877
41.5 Mb
ProcessTCPSummary 1.11
Find out the processes that employ TCP connections or that are listening to UDP ports
7 / 1,199
0.0605469 Mb
Bennett 1.23
A reliable and intuitive software application that can help you track the signal strength of your Bluetooth devices
3 / 911
0.737305 Mb
SSL Certificate Scanner 13.0
Identify SSL certificates across the network remotely, view and export reports quickly
2 / 1,623
3.7 Mb
AppNetworkCounter 1.41
Find out how much network bandwidth is being used by each running application
3 / 1,271
0.0595703 Mb
PRTG Network Monitor
Monitor your network traffic with a powerful web-based interface
7 / 989
306 Mb
WhoisCL 1.90
A simple command-line tool that will allow you to easily get information about a registered domain using a straightforward approach
5 / 736
0.0585938 Mb
WinSSHTerm 2.14.0
Simple-to-use GUI for PuTTY or KiTTY that makes it easier to manage multiple SSH sessions and offers support for file transfers and X applications
3 / 1,056
0.816406 Mb
Open-source torrent client based on Azureus
7 / 670
10.7 Mb
Homedale 1.89
Monitor the signal strength of multiple WLAN access points
5 / 1,789
0.771484 Mb