Network Tools

Top 10 Freeware
netcut 3.0.186
ARP Protocol kernel Tester
Ammyy Admin 3.5
Ammyy Admin is a remote computer access tool
oDC 5.31
Direct Connect client
StrongDC 2.42
Peer-to-peer client for the DirectConnect networks
Netman 6.41
A great assisatant for remote work
Syncthing 1.20.1
free open source file sharing program
eMule 0.60d
Filesharing client based on the eDonkey2000
Anti Netcut 3.1.0
Prevents Internet disconnection
ApexDC 1.6.5
Improved interface and much more!
10's Netcut-Defender 2.1.4
Protect Your Network Connection
Latest Updates
Scanner for Remote Desktop 3.0.1
An effective application that lets you use your local scanner to acquire images, edit and save them directly in your remote desktop session
DNSDataView 1.65
This simple tool can fetch DNS records of multiple domains, and display all acquired data
RemotePC 7.6.63 (13-May-2022)
Gain remote access and control to another computer
NetWorx 7.0.1
A robust tool that lets you monitor network traffic, fix connectivity issues, search for suspicious activity, and limit the bandwidth
NetWorx Portable 7.0.1
Evaluate your Internet bandwidth and get comprehensive reports and real-time graphs for related aspects
Microsoft OneDrive 22.089.0426.0003
Gain access to your important files regardless of where you end up with this reliable and intuitive application
AggreGate 6.05.03
Reliable network monitoring software for large server infrastructures.
PingPlotter Free 5.23.2 Build 8766
A handy network troubleshooting and diagnostic utility for analyzing packet loss problems and latency
A straightforward tool that checks if a remote computer is accessible in your network
JDisc Discovery 5.0 Build 5116
Scan your network to detect connected devices and receive comprehensive information about them
WiFi Manager Lite
Manage the wireless network connections in your range, view valuable information, and connect to any preferred access point using this tool
HTTP Toolkit 1.8.1
A great app to overview, test, simulate and debug a variety of behaviors in HTTP code
PingPlotter Pro 5.23.2 Build 8766
Monitor your networks, troubleshoot problems, track packet loss and latency and much more
MyLanViewer 5.3.1
Reliable network inventory and management tool.
AppNetworkCounter 1.49
Find out how much network bandwidth is being used by each running application
Sort by: Recently Added Top Rated Popular Downloads
Aircrack-ng GUI 1.7
Efficient utility that will help authorized users crack the WEP or WPA keys.
55 / 257
12 Mb
Remote Computer Manager 6.5.1
Powerful remote management application for managing multiple computers remotely.
6 / 250
3.5 Mb
SearchGUI 4.1.11
Great software for bio-chemists that will help them find detailed info about various compounds.
10 / 384
241 Mb
PortScan & Stuff 1.88
Efficient utility for gathering detailed information about the network to find out more about the connected devices.
24 / 562
0.40332 Mb
Advanced NMEA Data Logger 3.5.2 Build 415
Powerful application for remotely record activity logs from various devices connected via TCP/IP protocols or COM ports.
1 / 237
13.2 Mb
QueueExplorer Standard 4.5.34
Handy solution to monitor, manage tasks and send and receive messages between computers across the network.
2 / 455
13.6 Mb
Eric's TelNet98 29.1-SSH Build 5229
Useful Telnet/SSH client that comes packed with many handy features.
1 / 556
1.6 Mb
10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer 9.46
Efficient monitoring application to track machines other the network.
1 / 592
24.6 Mb
Free WiFi Hotspot 4.2.0
Clean tool for sharing the wireless connection with other users.
1 / 601
2.4 Mb
ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2022 Build 880.2108
Powerful network monitor that all administrators will enjoy.
3 / 628
33 Mb
MiTeC Network Scanner
Useful application that is aimed for network administrators.
7 / 720
8.2 Mb
MACAddressView 1.45
One of the best applications for obtaining MAC address informations.
4 / 953
1.1 Mb
LanCalculator 22.1
Powerful tool for administrators to find all about the addresses in a network.
2 / 422
60.6 Mb
PingInfoView 2.25
Powerful pinging program that will automatically ping user-defined hosts.
9 / 891
0.0654297 Mb
Device Monitoring Studio
Powerful platform for coding, testing and optimizing
2 / 666
16.8 Mb
AggreGate 6.05.03
Reliable network monitoring software for large server infrastructures.
4 / 537
533 Mb
Network Traffic Generator and Monitor 12.1
Reliable application to assist network administrators with the right tools to generate network traffic for various Servers and IP addresses.
3 / 676
9.3 Mb
MyLanViewer 5.3.1
Reliable network inventory and management tool.
3 / 688
4.2 Mb
WakeMeOnLan 1.90
Helpful wake-on-LAN software designed to give you control of remote workstations.
5 / 581
0.388672 Mb
SuperPuTTY 1.4.10
Powerful software for enhancing the capabilities of PuTTY SSH and Telnet client.
10 / 635
1.8 Mb