Network Tools

Top 10 Freeware
netcut 3.0.213
ARP Protocol kernel Tester
Ammyy Admin 3.5
Ammyy Admin is a remote computer access tool
oDC 5.31
Direct Connect client
StrongDC 2.42
Peer-to-peer client for the DirectConnect networks
Syncthing 1.23.1
free open source file sharing program
Netman 6.41
A great assisatant for remote work
eMule 0.60d
Filesharing client based on the eDonkey2000
Anti Netcut 3.1.0
Prevents Internet disconnection
ApexDC 1.6.5
Improved interface and much more!
10's Netcut-Defender 2.1.4
Protect Your Network Connection
Latest Updates
Connectify Hotspot 2023.0.1.40175
Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi Hotspot.
WifiDiagnosticsView 1.03
Reliable program for monitoring the wireless network for various events.
Syncthing 1.23.1
free open source file sharing program
Tresorit 3.5.4173.3430
Store, share and synchronize data securely with this cloud-based application
Syncthing 1.23.1
A useful file sharing web-based platform that makes it easy to share documents and other files between devices.
netcut 3.0.213
ARP Protocol kernel Tester
Lightweight, reliable web filter for enterprises
Bluetooth Framework
Exchange or synchronize personal information
VMware Workstation Player 17.0.1 Build 21139696
Reliable software that allows users to run multiple virtual machines on their operating system.
Easily hide your IP.
SearchGUI 4.2.1
Great software for bio-chemists that will help them find detailed info about various compounds.
VNC Connect 7.0.0 (r48935)
Great program for remotely connecting to other PC's over the internet.
HTTP Toolkit 1.12.3
A great app to overview, test, simulate and debug a variety of behaviors in HTTP code
MyPublicWiFi 29.2
An easy to use Wi-Fi hotspot creating tool for beginners
CloudApp 6.4.3 (
A handy tool with screen capture/recording capabilities as well as file sharing options
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NetworkUsageView 1.30
Reliable tool for collecting hourly data about the traffic.
15 / 267
0.0761719 Mb
ManageWirelessNetworks 1.10
Efficient tool for network admins that need a dashboard to manage all their connections.
34 / 309
0.0791016 Mb
IPPathTableView 1.00
Reliable application for exploring the IP path table of the computer.
38 / 470
0.0546875 Mb
IPInfoOffline 1.61
Reliable software for gathering info based on IP addresses.
8 / 351
1.1 Mb
QuickSetDNS 1.31
Useful program that provides an effective method for editing DNS server settings.
8 / 351
0.0585938 Mb
CurrPorts 2.66
Reliable tool for viewing and managing the opened TCP or UDP ports on the PC.
6 / 136
0.0957031 Mb
WhoIsConnectedSniffer 1.28
Efficient program for delivering a vast amount of details in order for network administrators to make use of it.
12 / 273
0.331055 Mb
IPNeighborsView 1.01
Practical tool for viewing the IP neighbor table.
7 / 589
0.365234 Mb
WifiDiagnosticsView 1.03
Reliable program for monitoring the wireless network for various events.
32 / 535
0.0673828 Mb
NetConnectChoose 1.10
Reliable application for viewing network connection details and switch through network adapters.
3 / 361
0.0625 Mb
CountryTraceRoute 1.33
Efficient software for carrying out traceroute operations to display the route and measure the transit delay of packets sent over an IP.
3 / 459
0.692383 Mb
NetworkInterfacesView 1.26
Reliable program for monitoring network cards that are connected to a PC.
8 / 69
0.0605469 Mb
DU Meter 8.01
Powerful application for monitoring the network activity.
3 / 770
6.2 Mb
TraceRouteOK 3.23
Handy program for analyzing network connections in order to provide detailed info about the data route.
6 / 633
0.07 Mb
WirelessConnectionInfo 1.17
Great app for finding out advanced details about their active wireless connection without any effort.
3 / 384
0.0537109 Mb
Aweray Remote
Handy tool that allows users to connect to a remote PC to play games, and work from home.
12 / 592
19.9 Mb
Distant Desktop 3.7
Great application to remotely control any computer, no matter the location.
10 / 717
14.8 Mb
VNC Connect 7.0.0 (r48935)
Great program for remotely connecting to other PC's over the internet.
11 / 448
20.1 Mb
Useful application for keeping an eye out on the uptime of a preferred website.
10 / 843
4 Mb
OpenNetMeter 0.12.1
Great tool to monitor data usage to make sure users don't exceed their package.
10 / 519
7.1 Mb