Top 10 Must-Have Apps for High School and College Students

Students can have a hard time managing their studies along with their daily lives. Juggling school works, extracurricular activities, social life, and mental health among the many other things at the same time, almost every day for the whole school year can be overwhelming and stressful. This can eventually cause demotivation and poor learning. To alleviate the weight they carry for a bit, here are 10 very helpful apps both highschool and college students must have on their devices that can make their lives a little bit easier now more than ever.

As high school and college students start to do things on their own, it is also necessary for them to learn to manage their time efficiently for school, leisure, and everything else. This is where can be of great help. It serves as an intuitive to-do list that users can easily access on their mobile devices, laptop, desktop, tablet, and even their smartwatch. Students can use it as a planner that also gives notifications and reminders, so they no longer need to worry about missed assignments, appointments, classes, or even birthdays and household chores.


For an even more educational-focused activity tracker, TimeTable is a great tool for managing school or university life. The app can be used to systematically plot subjects or classes that they need to attend from day to day and save tasks like homework and exams in the app in a very organized way with a colorful and customizable interface. The app also includes intuitive features like putting the user’s phone in auto-mute during class hours and easy searching for saved tasks and projects. TimeTable is available both for Android and IOS.

My Study Life

Exams are one of the most crucial elements for students. So for this, My Study Life offers a web and mobile app that helps track exam schedules and deadlines. It integrates all areas of academic life, giving students an overview of their homework due, class schedules, and even the tasks that they need to accomplish to prepare for each activity. The app lets users store reviewers, exams, and revision tasks and sends out notifications for upcoming dues and deadlines too.


Mendeley is a very helpful app for research and reference. It offers access to about 30 million references and over 6 million researchers to discover through a single app. It allows students to access the library anywhere and generate references, citations and bibliographies in a whole range of journal styles with just a few clicks. Mendeley can also provide personalized recommendations for research and can be used as PDF reader. Best of all, it’s free and available for Android and IOS.

StudyBlue app

StudyBlue provides study materials for college and high school students through an app available for Android and IOS. It offers the largest crowdsourced study library, with over 400 million flashcards, notes and study guides that can help you to study anywhere and learn faster. It makes learning efficient, lessening students’ stress, and giving them more time to enjoy other activities that they love.


Evernote is an app available for desktop or mobile devices both, that can help students to efficiently take notes, save file attachments, clip web pages, and record memos. This app is great for taking and organizing notes, bookmarking, or highlighting important points.

With its powerful search function, it can be useful for reviewing and preparing for quizzes and exams. Evernote allows its user to sync all their devices with a single account. With this, they can access their notes and files through their laptop or mobile devices whenever they want.

G Suite

As much as business people utilize Google Drive and G Suite, its functionality can really help students a lot. Some phones might have the Google Drive and G Suite apps pre-installed, but for those that don’t have such, Google apps are readily available in the Play Store.

Unlike the paid G Suite for businesses and enterprise use, Google has released a G Suite for Education, available for free. With a complete set of tools,  G Suite makes it easy to create everything, from word documents to excel sheets and slides. It also gives access to Google Meet and Classroom for remote learning and communication.

In addition, students can also save and share their works via Google Drive, making collaboration much easier.  


CamScanner is a reliable app that students can use to scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across different devices. With the app, they can easily scan diagrams and notes from the board and convert it to PDF or digitalize any other paper documents. It comes with a Smart cropping and auto enhancing features that ensures the texts and graphics in scanned documents are clear and sharp with premium colors and resolutions. The app is available for Android and IOS devices.


SimpleMind is a mind mapping app available for desktop as well as for Android and IOS mobile devices. It helps students organize their ideas and daily activities to keep them from stressing too much and mismanaging their time. The app allows users to save media and documents like notes, images, voice memos, and videos. It can be used for organizing schedules, projects, school works, and other tasks in a very fun and intuitive way.


Formerly known as Stop, Breathe & Think, MyLife is an award-winning app for mindfulness and meditation. As much as students need to focus on their studies, having a clear and relaxed mind at the end of each day is important too. The app aims to ease stress and by recommending short guided meditations and mindfulness activities. It can help students get a good rest and better sleep, energizing them for the next school day. Having proper rest can help them learn and study better in the long run. MyLife app is available for Android and IOS.

From time management to relaxation, these apps got the whole student life covered. Studying, in itself, is already a lot of work for the students’ minds. With the help of these apps, students will be able to learn to manage their time and their life better. It also empowers them to focus on learning and achieving their goals and dreams.