Top 5 Knitting Apps for Android and IOS

There is almost an app for anything and everything and as knitting is starting to regain its popularity as a hobby, you can find tons of apps that can guide you through it on different levels.

There are apps that can help you start and learn knitting, enables you to find tools as well as let you track your projects. Not sure what suits you?

Here are some of the best mobile apps for knitting

Knitting Genius

If you are just starting out on knitting and still figuring it out, the Knitting Genius can be helpful in giving you the basics. The app provides step-by-step instructions with video tutorials that can visually guide you to learn knitting. It also provides a row counter and several free knitting patterns that you can start with.

If you have your own pattern, you can still use its multiple row counters to keep track of your progress. You can simply import the pattern in PDF or from a web page.

For adapting a pattern using your own yarn, the Knitting Genius provides the tools that you will need to do so. You can use its gauge adaptor, unit converter, and yarn ball converter, all for free via the app.

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You can download the Knitting Genius app for your Android or IOS devices and get started with knitting.


Stash2Go primarily lets you connect to the largest community for knitters and crocheters online, Ravelry. It gives access to knitting and crocheting projects and lets you manage your own projects as well as your supplies of yarn and needles.

Through the app, you can easily connect with your Ravelry friends and bond together with the hobby that you share. You can also search for different yarns that you can and find details and review them through Ravelry’s enormous yarn database. It also enables users to find yarn shops nearby, a search function for patterns and lets users upload their projects or their stashed yarns.

The Stash2Go is highly recommended to those who are starting to build up their interest in knitting as well as for those who want to share their experiences with the hobby. If you’re a newbie, the app works best for you to find friends who can give you advice about knitting styles, techniques, and the best tools to use.   

Stash2Go is available for Android and IOS devices. The Free/Lite version is ad-based while the ad-free full version can be purchased on the app.


KnitCompanion is pretty much a basic-looking app that has very reliable solutions for knitting. It is highly useful for tracking your patterns. The app primarily serves as a database for saving your designs in PDF format.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will no longer need the internet to use the KnitCompanion. You can store an unlimited number of projects, count rows, and track progress, or use the app as a timer for projects. You can also link the app to Dropbox for storage as well as to Ravelry.   

The knitCompanion app is available on Android and IOS and can be used for free through kCBasics. However, other features including knitCompanion-exclusive patented tools like scribbling through and adding notes on your patterns, activating voice command and more are subject to in-app purchases.

Row Counter

Whether you’ve been practicing knitting and tracking your progress or you have been enjoying the hobby for a while now, the Row Counter app, as the name suggests, will help you in tracking your stitches and rows.  

The app allows users to set up multiple counters to track increases, designs, and changes of color. You can also customize your rows with notes and reminders. If you don’t feel like customizing anything, you can use the app as a basic plain counter as well.  

Whenever you want to dive into knitting, you don’t have to set up the app. Just simply speak to it to increment the counter.  With its voice control function, you can put your mind and your hands all on your project, and not on counting and tapping into your phone.

Developed by Annapurnapp Technologies, the creators of Knitting Genius,   Row Counter also has almost the same project management features as well as access to Ravelry.

If you’re specifically looking for an app dedicated to counting rows, needless to say, all you need is Row Counter. The app is available for Android and IOS devices.


Knitting is a relatively new knitting app in the market, but it is not an excuse to not have it on this list. It has a fresh look and it definitely offers an innovative and interactive approach to knitting.

The app delivers content about knitting and provides a selection of patterns from indie designers, with updates every month. It also allows users to highlight the row they are working on and automatically save and track their progress.

Knitrino also offers a feature for matching colors and for sizing patterns from petite to extended sizes, enabling knitters to visualize what they are really working on. It gives quick access to help when needed and empowers users to cultivate their knitting skills.

This promising app definitely appeals to younger people who are discovering knitting and can also revolutionize the hobby for those who have been doing it for a long time. Knitrino is currently available for Android and IOS devices for free, so go ahead and give it a try.

Knitting, more than a creative hobby, is also a skill that you can develop as you go along. There is so much that you can do with it, from baby clothes and beanies to swimsuits, to centerpieces, blankets, and maybe anything you can imagine. See where you’re at, strive to improve, and try out these apps and see which can help you upscale your knitting.