6 Best Free Registry Cleaners for Windows

Before jumping into our top registry cleaners’ list, let’s see what exactly is a registry cleaner and how can it help your Windows PC.

What is a registry cleaner?

A registry cleaner is a 3rd party software that analyses your Windows registry, finds outdated entries and deletes them. These useless entries are usually left by uninstalled software, a piece of hardware that installed more things than it should or simply a Windows service.  The registry cleaner then deletes the redundant entries and speeds up your Windows PC by giving it less items to go through (some giving errors or even blue screens). In some cases, cleaning your registry is highly recommended to get rid of specific blue screen errors (BSOD).

That being said, let’s see what are the best 10 free registry cleaners on the market right now.


CCleaner is a very popular utility that offers a registry cleaner, a system cleaner (temporary/junk files), a browser history cleaner. In our tests, CCleaner was very effective in cleaning the registry compared to other competitors and it sped-up the Windows boot time and rid us of some annoying driver warnings that we had. We also use CCleaner regularly for cleaning up temporary files left by Windows or different 3rd party software, keeping our rigs pretty tidy.

CCleaner comes in 2 versions, a free and a paid version. The paid version comes also into a bundle, with more apps from the developer.

The average user will be more than fine running the free version but if you need more tools, we recommend going for the paid version, it’s not expensive and it’s worth getting.

Download CCleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

This is another excellent tool for cleaning up your registries. Auslogics Registry Cleaner comes with a simple yet intuitive interface where you can select/deselect any registry entries. The software also shows you the severity of each registry entry and allows you to perform a backup of your whole registry before repairing.

If you want a simple yet powerful free registry cleaner without any other tools embedded, we recommend it.

Download Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is a powerful tool that comes with a lot of features. If you like nice looking UIs, Wise Registry Cleaner has one of the best-looking user interfaces – beautiful, clean and optimized for the user experience. It’s also a very good cleaner and highly praised by a lot of its users. Wise Registry Cleaner has 3 modes: Fast Scan, Deep Scan and Custom Scan. Deep Scan and Custom Scan are for the more advanced users while most people will do just fine with the Fast Scan option.

Wise Registry Cleaner allows you to schedule your cleaning runs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, adding that layer of automation that’s lacking in other similar tools. It’s also worth noting that Wise Registry Cleaner will automatically backup your registry before every run, making it even more optimal for the average user.

Download Wise Registry Cleaner

Glarysoft Registry Repair

Registry Repair is another nifty tool for scanning and repairing your Windows registry. It features automatic backup of your registry and a fast-scanning engine. Registry Repair offers a simple but intuitive interface and it advertises itself as the best registry cleaners on the market.

We found it on par with other registry utilities on the market and while we’re not fans of it’s simple interface and options, it’s a very effective software.

Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic is a very good tool for cleaning and optimizing your PC and we’re not talking only registries. The software allows you to clean and optimize your registry, cleans-up temporary and other junk files from your system, boots your internet speed, defragments your drives and optimizez your PC’c security. A pretty impressive list don’t you think?

While not all of these features are present in the free version, in our tests, it sped-up our test rig’s booting time by 40%, which is an impressive number by itself. Registry wise, it comes with a good clean interface and a lot of options. The most useful feature of the free version that we found however, is Liveboost, which adjusts a lot of Windows settings for improved processor, memory and hard disk performance.

Download Iolo System Mechanic

Slimware SlimCleaner Free

SlimCleaner is another good software for identifying and repairing registry problems along with some other additional features such as cleaning temporary system files, uninstalling applications and managing browser extensions. SimCleaner has a nice and intuitive interface, very similar to CCleaner and it also comes with an automatic backup system.

However, while SlimCleaner is a powerful registry cleaner, its program and startup managers are where it really shines. SlimCleaner has a very good integrated community framework and every application and service is rated by all its users and you can see immediately if you should keep it or remove it.  This makes SlimCleaner one of the best utilities for Windows, period.

Download SlimCleaner Free