Classic WoW Tailoring Leveling Guide 1-300

Tailoring is one of the most rewarding crafting professions in Classic WoW as it’s a constant source of income for the crafter via its bag crafting and if you’re a caster, provides some BiS (Best in Slot) items pre-raiding. As it’s the case with all crafting professions, it’s best to pair Tailoring with Enchanting since it allows you to level your Enchanting skill as well as providing mats while disenchanting your crafted items. We also recommend visiting our WoW Classic Master Guide for all the professions guides, leveling, farming guides and class builds.

Farming and buying Tailoring mats

You have to keep in mind that while you will farm a lot of mats as you level or grind your coin, you should always keep an eye on the Auction House (AH) and the trade channel. Runecloth, for example, is one of the most sought-off materials in the game since it allows the crafter to create the highest bags available in Classic.

That being said, we recommend posting on the Trade and World channel “WTB Runecloth” constantly. We also recommend creating another character that will act as your mule, buying/selling on the Auction House (AH) and acting as a bank for your main char. You can log in on your mule char constantly to check AH prices and buy mats at bargain prices.

Ragefire Chasm (inside Orgrimmar) is the best area to farm Linen Cloth early on, while Alliance can farm Deadmines (Wool Cloth drops here as well). Wool Cloth and Silk Cloth drop often from mobs in the Hillsbrad Foothills, so the farms in that area are the best spots.

If you don’t want to buy Runecloth or you just want to farm some along the way, keep in mind that any Humanoid mobs above level 50 drop Runecloth. Some of our favorite places to farm Runecloth are Western Plaguelands (WPL) and Eastern Plaguelands (EPL). If you want to get some Cenarion Circle reputation along the way, the best place to farm is Silithus, at the Twilight Camps.

For Silk Cloth / Mageweave farming, we strongly recommend doing Scarlet Monastery (SM) runs, the Armory and Library being the best places. Doing SM repeatedly also allows you to get Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade which is a nice bonus.

Materials needed for leveling Tailoring

While you can juggle around these amounts and make do with what you find available or by farming, we’ve chosen these amounts based on possible availability and easiness of farming them. We’ve not included all the vendor-related mats such as Coarse Thread or various dyes, you can buy them off any Tailoring Supplies vendor.

Tailoring Trainers

Alliance Trainers

Jormund Stonebrow (Expert Tailor) in Ironforge.
Georgio Bolero (Artisan Tailor) in Stormwind City.
Me’lynn (Expert Tailor) in Darnassus.

Horde Trainers

Magar (Expert Tailor) in Orgrimmar.
Josef Gregorian (Artisan Tailor) in Undercity.
Tepa (Expert Tailor) in Thunder Bluff

Don’t forget you have to visit the Tailoring trainers constantly at each cap to unlock the latest recipes and evidently, extend your leveling caps.

Fast Level Tailoring to 300

Levels 1 – 75

160 x Linen Cloth = 80 x Bolt of Linen Cloth
20 x Bolt of Linen Cloth + 10 x Coarse Thread = 10 x Heavy Linen Gloves
10 x Bolt of Linen Cloth + 5 x Coarse Thread = 5 x Red Linen Shirt
20 x Bolt of Linen Cloth + 30 x Coarse Thread = 10 x Reinforced Linen Cape

Levels 75 – 125

180 x Wool Cloth = 60 x Bolt of Woolen Cloth
10 x Bolt of Woolen Cloth + 5 x Gray Dye = 5 x Gray Woolen Shirt
45 x Bolt of Woolen Cloth + 30 x Fine Thread = 15 x Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders

Levels 125 – 205

760 x Silk Cloth = 190 x Bolt of Silk Cloth
30 x Bolt of Silk Cloth + 15 x Fine Thread = 15 x Azure Silk Hood
30 x Bolt of Silk Cloth + 20 x Fine Thread = 10 x Silk Headband
15 x Bolt of Silk Cloth + 10 x Bleach + 5 x Fine Thread = 5 x Formal White Shirt
500 x Mageweave Cloth = 100 x Bolt of Mageweave
80 x Bolt of Silk Cloth + 40 x Red Dye + 40 x Fine Thread = 20 x Crimson Silk Vest

Levels 205 – 300

40 x Bolt of Silk Cloth + 20 x Red Dye + 20 x Silken Thread = 10 x Crimson Silk Pantaloons
10 x Bolt of Mageweave + 15 x Silken Thread = 5 x Black Mageweave Leggings
20 x Bolt of Mageweave + 20 x Heavy Silken Thread = 10 x Black Mageweave Gloves
60 x Bolt of Mageweave + 40 x Heavy Silken Thread = 20 x Black Mageweave Headband
900 x Runecloth = 180 x Bolt of Runecloth
45 x Bolt of Runecloth + 15 x Rune Thread = 15 x Runecloth Belt
25 x Bolt of Runecloth + 10 x Rugged Leather + 5 x Rune Thread = 5 x Runecloth Bag
80 x Bolt of Runecloth + 80 x Rugged Leather + 20 x Rune Thread = 20 x Runecloth Gloves

Congratulations, you reached Tailoring level 300! From now on, besides crafting your own items, as you need them or level up, your main source of income will be crafting bags (for a while at least).