How to Fax Documents Using Smartphone (Android and IOS)

Sharing a file or a document has been very easy nowadays, as you conveniently forward your files via email. However, some organizations might not accept soft copies of files, especially for very important documents. Hence, they might request for you to print out the documents and bring them personally, or, fax them instead.

Unfortunately, phones cannot be used as a fax machine or dial-up modem just yet. But there are third-party apps and services that will allow you to fax documents just like you’re faxing through a PC. 

You have to take note that almost all the apps you can find will cost you money. The apps that will let you fax a document, both for iPhone and Android devices, may be free to download but sending or faxing the documents will cost money. But pretty much, it will cost you less than printing it out and submitting the documents in person.

Also, if you have to fax a document, that is probably important, you will need to ensure that you’re using an app that can be trusted.

Some options to send fax documents via mobile devices

Using apps with paid subscriptions

Here are some apps that you can use both for Android and IOS devices, that will allow you to securely fax documents.


Email to Fax | RingCentral

RingCentral Fax is a service partially owned by Cisco and AT&T, making it a secured option for faxing through your phone. They have a mobile app that you can use to fax a document or send faxes via email. It also has packed with features like Outlook, Google Drive, and Dropbox integrations.

They also offer enterprise-standard services, meaning they can guarantee security for the documents that you will send through them.

The RingCentral mobile app is available both for IOS and Android for free, but their Fax services are based on the annual plan. You can pay it on a monthly basis at $22.99 for Fax 1500. But if you will only need to use their service once, you can sign up for their affordable plans then cancel when you no longer need it.


Fax.Plus is another service provider that allows you to securely fax documents, locally and internationally. It also allows you to receive fax using your phone by putting the sent documents in an archive.

Their fax services have world-wide coverage and can be used in different platforms. Fax.Plus also has Google, Microsoft, Slack, and Zapier integrations as well as a feature for sending fax via email.

The Fax.Plus mobile app is available for Android and IOS devices for free.  Their fax  service is offered through subscription plans that starts at $4.99/month and it comes with a free local fax number. But the good thing is that, through their mobile app, you can send the first 10 pages for free.

Using apps with Free Trials

If you need to fax just once or occasionally, there are also apps that offer free trials that you can use. Some of the most impressive apps you can try are eFax and MyFax.

Both eFax and MyFax offer great features and have a free trial offer that you can use. It allows you to choose a toll-free fax number and read, receive and scan faxed documents as well.

eFax offers a 30-day free trial and their mobile app is available for Android and IOS devices for free. Meanwhile, MyFax offers a 14-day free trial and a free app for Android and IOS as well.

Fax via Email

Another way to quickly fax a document is by sending the document via email to an address that is dedicated to faxing service. This will still require you to sign up for fax services from providers that allow this feature the first samples above (RingCentral, Fax.Plus, eFax and MyFax).

Once you have an account, you don’t actually have to download any apps on your phone. Simply log into your email registered email address, create a new email and attach the files you need to be faxed.

In the recipient’s address field, add the fax number to where or who you want to send it to, attached with a custom domain ( from your provider.

Make sure to also check if the fax service providers you choose do require other prefixes for the address. Afterward, send the email and wait for it to be processed.

There are a lot of apps and methods out there that you can use. You can still explore the web further. But for quick, secured, and somehow cheaper solutions, you can try one of the above mentioned. This will depend on your preference based on the volume of the document you have to send and how frequently you will use the service.