10 Awesome lock screen replacement apps for Android

If there’s one thing every Android user loves about this operating system is its high degree of customization, which covers both visual and functional aspects. Of course, there are many more things you can tweak on a rooted device, but there are plenty of ways to personalize a non-rooted handset.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best lock screen replacement apps for Android, since it’s definitely the most accessed screen for pretty much anyone, and there are plenty of titles to choose from.

Best lock screen replacement apps for Android

While there are some shady lock screen replacement apps for Android, we carefully tested the best, so if you decide to test any of our recommendations you can rest assured they are completely safe to try.


Price: Free

If you’d like to keep up with the latest news in an effortless manner, Corgi was specifically designed for this purpose. The app will serve your favorite news feeds directly on the lock screen, and provides Feedly and Instagram integration.

Any news title displayed on the lock screen can be accessed with just a quick double-tap and Corgi also supports your fingerprint sensor so you won’t have to compromise your phone’s security to use the app.


Price: Freemium

AcDisplay is one of the best lock screen apps, as it comes with a super clean design and displays notifications directly on the lock screen.

It’ super easy to use but at the same time, quite customizable. You can create a blacklist for those apps you don’t wish to send notifications to the lock screen, tweak low-priority notification settings, and an Active Mode that attempts to predict when you’re using your device to wake up the screen.


Price: Free

Cover is an incredibly useful lock screen app – it adds a set of app shortcuts directly on the lock screen and you can quickly access any of them by swiping inwards on its icon.

However, this only lets you take a peek into the app, without actually unlocking the device, which is convenient to say the least. Furthermore, Cover’s set of app shortcuts will intuitively change based on your location and they’re accessible even when your device is unlocked.

Start Lock Screen

Price: Free

If you love the idea of accessing a whole bunch of stuff without unlocking your phone, Start Lock Screen is a noteworthy solution. The app lets you perform web searches, and access the camera, apps and widgets directly from the lock screen.

Also, it lets you setup a password lock and access even more content, such as a weather forecasts, app shortcuts, a news feed and a notification manager.


Price: Free

The iOS lock screen has it’s own appeal, even for loial Android users. SnapLock mimics the iPhone lock screen to a certain extent, while also adding a unique set of features. You can swipe notifications left or right to clear them, like you would on iOS, but there are also many customization options that let you change SnapLock’s layout.

Screen Lock Guardian

Price: Free

If you value your privacy, Screen Lock Guardian makes for one of the best lock screen apps as it lets you set up a lock code and anyone that fails to enter the correct one will have their picture taken by the front facing camera.

But security is just one of the many features, included in Screen Lock Guardian. It also displays the weather, lets you set up to five app shortcuts and customize the background, as well as keeps a log of unsuccessful login attempts.

Next Lock Screen

Price: Free

Next Lock Screen is a free Microsoft app, and the Redmond-based software company has been very busy developing Android and iOS apps lately.  This particular lock screen replacement app wants to let you do pretty much anything you want without unlocking your phone.

For example, you can make calls and reply to notifications,  launch apps, view calendar appointments, play music, access the weather forecast and apply a custom wallpaper among many other things. For devices equipped with a fingerprint sensor, Next Lock Screen provides support as well. Definitely worth a try, considering you get all of the above and more for free.


Price: Free

Picturesque is another Microsoft lock screen app, focused on delivering you a new and beautiful wallpaper photo every day. The app is powered by Bing and also offers the latest news, a search bar, weather information, flashlight access and more.

This might be Microsoft’s attempt to gain more Bing users, but Picturesque is both visually pleasing and useful, so as long as you can tolerate using Bing on your lock screen, it’s worth taking a look at.

GO Locker

Price: Free / $14.99

GO Locker is a well-known lock screen replacement app and it has a free version that gives you app shortcuts, the option to read messages from the lock screen, a comprehensive collection of themes, and more.

The paid version is quite expensive (compared to most apps) – if you want it, you will need to pay $14.99 and you will get access to all existing premium themes and new ones that will be released in the future.

LokLok Connected Lock Screen

Price: Freemium

LokLok is an interesting lock screen app that lets you communicate with others by sending your drawings directly from the lock screen. You can take a picture, and/or draw some cool stuff then send it to a friend and obviously, then can do the same.

It can be fun, romantic or even useful depending on th situation, and if you like the idea behind LokLok, you should know the app is completely free. The IAPs are just some sticker packs which don’t add much value to the app but it does offer a way to support the app to those who enjoy using LokLok.

What other cool lock screen replacement apps for Android can you recommend and which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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