Adblock Plus for Firefox

Adblock Plus for Firefox

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Adblock Plus for Firefox: Get rid of ads on Firefox

Get rid of ads on Firefox

Adblock Plus is a Firefox extension that will get rid of banners and ads on webpages you visit that makes the pages load slow.

All you have to do once installed, is to right click on the banner and then click Adblock from the menu. The banner will never download again. You can even select a filter subscription so Adblock Plus will block the majority of ads automatically.


- block a variety of ads including ads on Facebook, video ads on YouTube, popups, flash banners, and pop-unders, to name a few.
- will show acceptable ads that are plain and non-intrusive which can be disabled if you choose.
- stop tracking – many companies are tracking your every move. With this program, you can stop their tracking quickly and browse the internet anonymously.
- disable malware that may be slowing down your computer by blocking the domains that are known to spread malware
- disable the social media buttons from appearing on the sites you visit such as Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook

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