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Regardless of whether you use programming for educational, scientific, or script writing, Agena has you covered. This application uses a type of syntax that’s comparable to Algol 68 and also comes equipped with LUA, SQL, and Maple features. It offers support for a variety of basic functions specific to the programming languages and it can work with a variety of different data types.


- Offers support for a variety of basic functions specific to the program languages (assignments, conditions, loops, procedures, etc.).
- Is able to handle working with a variety of data types (complex and rational numbers, Booleans, cull values, vectors, threads, etc.).
- Supports procedures with a full lexical scope.
- Provides you with example projects to help you out with navigation.
- An arbitrary precision mathematical library.
- An initialization file that makes the configuration of your personal environment super easy.
- Complete scope control via scope/epocs keywords.
- Functions that are equipped to support fast text processing (see in, replace, lower/upper operators, etc.).
- Gives you the ability to easily write and read packages in binary code.
- Save and read functions that allow you to read your data at a later date.
- Undergraduate calculus, linear algebra, and statistics packages.
- Bitwise operators.
- Gives you direct access to the file system.
- Comes equipped with xBase file support which allows you to exchange your data with standard applications quickly and easily (compliant to Dbase III).

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