Apache POI

Apache POI

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Apache POI: Useful set of Java API for creating apps to load data from Excel documents or PowerPoint presentations.

Apache POI is a set of Java APIs that were designed to help individuals in transferring data to and from Excel, and other Microsoft Office formats, while also being able to use it to extract text, load tabular data, and generate a document index.

In order to export data from Java apps, users will need to deal with plain text, CSV, or XML files, and to use them in other apps, they will need to use additional conversion tools or manually format the data.

Developers will have the ability to use the components so they can improve upon the user experience by exporting tabular data to Excel documents, and the APIs are able to convert the data to a format that complies with the Office OpenXML standard, that will allow them to generate XLSX, DOCX, or PTTX files.

It also comes with additional Java libraries for working with Office files, and some of them support AES or RC4 encryption.

Apache POI is great for creating apps for loading data from Excel documents or PowerPoint presentations.

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