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A practicall application that lets you solve a large number of common Chemistry equations

Chemical engineers and chemistry students solve many equations throughout the day – solving these manually is an extremely time consuming task. If you’ve been searching for an automated solution for solving chemistry equations, EquationsPro is a robust solution.

The application is capable of solving membrane stress and mechanical design equations, but also solve heat transfer, distillation and electrical formulas. Also, Equations Pro lets you view the periodical table and convert between SI units, but also solve mathematical and physics equations and formulas for heat, conduction, mass flow and manufacturing. The total numbr of solvable items is close to 400, so the tool is useful for a large array of computational requirements.

You’ll have to simply define input parameters and the utility will use its built-in algorithms to quickly return results. When such is the case, EquationsPro will also generate building schema, which is prticularly convenient during prototype design.

Results can be improved using a number of other tools like the calculator, graph builder and the periodic table viewer. Lastly, you can use the built-in web browser and media player.

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