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Discover unknown computers and devices connected to your Wi-Fi Network

Discover unknown computers and devices connected to your Wi-Fi Network

People often ask why should they care if someone connects to their network? What is the big deal?
Well, for starters if your Wi-Fi is unlocked or poorly encrypted cyber criminals could connect to your wi-fi network and use it for illegal activity can cause you huge troubles and even problems with the law.

If an unauthorized party connects to a business wireless network, he or she can access corporate and business secrets, your client data or financial information. There are multiple hacking techniques that work flawlessly once the hacker is connected on the same network as his or hers target.

If you think by having encryption you are completely secure, think again, encryption is always recommended but many types of wireless encryptions can now be broken within a short period of time. In order to secure your network completely you should use additional tools to ensure your network isn’t being used by outsiders and potential intruders.

Who Is On My Wi-Fi allows you to find intruders on any wireless network, home or corporate. It will show you each and every PC and device connected on your network and it will notify you if it spots the unknown device on your wireless network.

You will be able to find out if an employee plugs in home laptops or different mobile devices on your company’s local area network. This is an ideal solution for monitoring the device activity on your home or small to medium sized business networks.

Who Is On My Wi-Fi offers a simple solution for a complex problem and it allows you to detect intruders in a simple manner, receive text message alerts, export points in time and allows you 24/7 cloud access to your network.

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