Best free sports streaming websites to try in 2021

While you can watch live sports streaming from most cable and satellite TV providers, using dedicated websites can certainly expand your options.

There are not that many sites that offer these services at no cost but there is still a decent selection out there which is why we have already handpicked the best free sports streaming websites to try in 2021.

Best free sports streaming websites

Some of these websites, such as ESPN have both free sports streams and premium streams which can only be unlocked via a subscription or by entering the login credentials from a cable or satellite television provider.

Of course, there are other sites that are 100% free even though they have a limited number of live sports streams. It’s also worth mentioning the majority of these free sports streaming websites don’t provide official streams so the quality can be somewhat lower and some of them show intrusive pop-up ads.

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Nevertheless, you can access almost any sports stream for free on these sites and that’s certainly worth the trouble of finding a few favorites.

Facebook Watch

best free sports streaming websites

Facebook Watch allows you to watch various free sports streams including one MLB game per week, soccer, surfing, women’s basketball and various other unofficial streams.

This service also allows users to stream live sports and the weekly streamed MLB game can also be watched for free as long as you have a Facebook account.

Finding live sports games on Facebook Watch can be done using the built-in search function and it’s filters that will allow you to see only the live results.

Visit Facebook Watch

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top free sports streaming websites

ESPN lets you watch a rich selection of live streams from various sports including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, NASCAR, golf, esports, MMA and the list goes on.

It’s worth mentioning ESPN provides a limited selection of free live streams while others will require your login credentials from a qualifying cable or satellite subscriptions. There are also premium streams you can watch only if you subscribe to ESPN’s streaming service.



Reddit is well-known as a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to online content so it’s not surprising you can find live sports streams here as well.

In fact, Reddit lets you watch live streams from most profession sports such as soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey and others.

Let’s say Reddit is an excellent source of unofficial streams and since this site is all about user communities there’s at least one for every sport out there.

While Reddit doesn’t host live sports streams, users can post links to streams they find on other websites and thanks to the voting system you can quickly find the good ones.

Check out the subreddits below for some of the most reliable free sports streams:


Laola1 is an excellent sports streaming site based in Austria which also happens to allow access to their content to international audiences. The website also has an English version so

There are many sports you can watch live here, such as basketball, tennis, hockey, soccer, motorsports, table tennis and many more. Laola1 is a particularly good choice if you want to watch live sports that aren’t as widely available in the U.S.

Visit Laola1


Stream2Watch is a live sports streaming website that curates streams from numerous other sites. Among the streams available here you’ll find basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball.

While this site features live streams from numerous sports pay attention to the invasive pop-up ads. Once you close the ad hit the back button on your browser to return to the intial page. A reliable ad-blocker might save you a few headaches, even though some ads might still come through. Other than that, Stream2Watch is a great resource for watching live sports.

Visit Stream2Watch


Bosscast is another website that gathers live streams from numerous other sources so you will find content for various sports like football, baseball, and basketball but not only.

Nevertheless, you should know this site requires Flash to view the streams so you will need to have Flash installed and allow it to run on this website. It’s also worth mentioning BossCast also features some pretty annoying pop-ups.

Visit BossCast


SportRAR.TV is also a sports streaming website that curates live sports streaming videos from third-party sites and delivers them in a friendly and easy to explore layout.

It features all the major sports such as football, basketball, tennis, baseball, golf, and tennis but also many others.

Once you find a game you want to watch and click on it, the game video will launch in a new window. If it doesn’t play search for a link that says ‘more links from this match’ and other options will be displayed if available.

Sadly, intrusive pop-up ads seem to be a recurring trend for these sports streaming websites so your best bet is to have an ad-blocker installed but even so be careful on what you click as some ads might still slip through.

Visit SportRAR.TV


As we’re wrapping up our list of best free sports streaming websites we have another one that’s specialized in cricket but also features streams from other major sports such as football, soccer, and baseball among others.

Like many of the options listed above, Cricfree offer embedded videos which are hosted on other website so be wary of invasive and misleading pop-up ads some of which will be displayed even if you have an ad-blocker.

Visit Cricfree