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A handy LaTex documents editor

A handy LaTex documents editor

TexMakerX is a fork of  TexMaker and offers you an environment where you can create and manage LaTeX documents with great ease.

It provides modern writing support, like interactive spell checking, code folding and syntax highlighting. Also it serves as a starting point from where you can easily run all necessary LaTeX tools.

TexMakerX features :

- IWE - Integrated Writing Environment
- All LaTex tools can be called from TexMakerX with just one key press and you can add your own command line options (e.g. for forward/inverse search)
- LaTex tags and 370 mathematical symbols you can easily select and add to your text
- Wizards generating necessary code (e.g. documents, tabular/array-environments and BibTex-types)
- LaTex errors are displayed in a Log panel and you can easily jump to them
- Structure View which shows the logical hierarchy of a file
- HTML Converter which creates a html out of your LaTex-based PS-file
- Text analysis showing often used words
- LaTeX documentation where you can lookup the tags you don't know
- Translated in English, German and French
- Platform independence allows you to use it on Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac
- USB-Mode stores its settings in a texmakerx.ini (only if you create one!), so you can use the same configuration on different computers
- And also customizable code snippets, tabbed MDI view, automatical tool detection.
- Powerful Text Editor based on QCodeEdit
- Interactive spell checker which marks errors while you type them
- Syntax highlighting drawing LaTex commands in different, customizable formats
- Code folding which allows you to hide certain blocks
- Auto completion completing tags you wrote
- Unicode support which can handle files in all encodings
- Incremental search like in FireFox on a search panel at the text bottom (where you can also find a replace panel)
- Text Navigation jumps to bookmarks, certain lines, last changes and LaTex errors/warnings
- Key Remapping of single keys for automatically text insertion (e.g of nice quotation marks)
- And also line numbers, dynamic word wrapping, parenthesis highlighting, undo/redo, line change state.

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    Aug 29, 2022
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