System Utilities

Top 10 Freeware
Trackpad++ Driver and Control Module 3.6
The only alternate driver for Apple’s Multitouch Trackpad for Windows
Power Plan Assistant 3.3a
The world's smartest power management tool
Set of overclocking software
GMABooster 2.1b
Boost performance on your Intel Graphic Card
CPU-Z 1.96.1
Information about your processor
Risingware Exp+ Free Edition 3.1.0
File Manager, Web Browser,and Utilities.
UBCD4WIN 3.6.0
Bootable repair disk
Windows Automated Installation Kit AIK 3.0
Install, customize, and deploy vista
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility 7.2
Delete the configuration of Windows Installer on failed installs
File Splitter and Joiner 3.3
fastest FILE Splitter and Joiner
Latest Updates
EF Duplicate MP3 Finder 21.08
Find MP3, WMA, FLAC, OggVorbis duplicates
EF File Catalog 2021.08
Catalog all the information from your computer with this intuitive software program
Far Manager 3.0 Build 5858
A simple and effective solution for system navigation
Absolute Uninstaller
Complete removal of any installed app
Portable Driver Magician Lite 5.07
Device drivers backup tool for Windows
Glary Utilities Pro
Complete set of system tools for fixing, speeding up, maintenance and protection of your PC
Advanced SystemCare Free
Repair your computer and let your windows fly
ReclaiMe Build 4877
Recover all of your lost data and other important information with this handy and powerful utility
Simple Sticky Notes
Add notes to your desktop
Windows Repair 2021 (4.11.5)
Fix A Wide Variety of Windows Issues
Vim 8.2.3227
Highly configurable text editor
Portable Windows Repair 2021 (4.11.5)
Restore your original Windows settings easily
Tablacus Explorer 21.7.23
A tabbed file manager that allows you to organize your PC’s directories and files with ease
EF Talk Scriber 21.08
A robust application for converting audio into text by writing down based on feedback
Portable EF Process Manager 21.08
Manage and monitor the many processes on your computer with this easy to use application
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Monitorian 3.0.1
A handy and simple utility that helps adjust the brightness to your multiple monitor setup
20 / 562
0.308594 Mb
Diff Checker 4.6.3
A great program that helps users compare any two texts or documents
23 / 812
0.844727 Mb
Bulk File Rename
A handy utility to help rename files with zero effort
7 / 548
63.9 Mb
BurnInTest Windows 9.2 Build 1008
A handy tool that helps reduce the risk of hardware failure to prevent losing important data
3 / 1,275
50.4 Mb
WhyNotWin11 2.3.1
A handy and portable tool that helps users know if their computer setup is ready to use Windows 11
24 / 753
0.961914 Mb
A handy tool for synchronizing and backing up files and folders
2 / 657
44.4 Mb
EF Duplicate Files Manager 21.08
A handy application that help locate duplicate files and keeps the original ones
16 / 838
3.1 Mb
Duet Display
A great tool for turning your Apple or Androice device into a second screen for your computer
3 / 1,004
228 Mb
EliteBytes VeloSSD
A great utility to help the user gain control over the SSD caching process
1 / 746
24.6 Mb
Image for Windows 3.46
Image for Windows is a great restore and drive image backup utility
1 / 665
147 Mb
Command Prompt Portable 2.6
A great portable version of the well known Command Prompt which works with all Windows OS versions
17 / 1,059
0.344727 Mb
BootIt Collection 1.23/1.73
A great app for managing partitions, and other boot related issues
2 / 755
8.8 Mb
HermeneutiX 2.4.3
A hanty tool that will allow users to perform syntactic and semantical analysis on text structures
18 / 972
6.6 Mb
NoVirusThanks Win Update Stop
A handy application that lets users manually enable and disable Windows Updates
21 / 944
41.4 Mb
Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.70 Build 38093
A great tool for accesing password-protected backups for Apple and BlackBerry devices
1 / 532
78.6 Mb
Shure Update Utility 2.6.1
A great tool to help keep devices firmware up to date
3 / 732
21.9 Mb
CheckWindowsGenuine 1.0
A great tool to check if pre-built Windows is genuine or pirated
4 / 1,139
0.381836 Mb
A vehicle scanner and diagnostics software
2 / 508
13 Mb
DisplayMagician 1.1.4
A great tool for customizing the display and sound output for different games and apps
5 / 1,249
14.3 Mb
Windows10Debloater Final
A very useful script for removing pre-installed Windows 10 apps
1 / 616
0.044 Mb