The Best G Suite Add-Ons You Need to Have

With millions of businesses using it, the Google Office productivity suite has proven benefits and efficiency. But there are more ways to maximize the G Suite: by extending its capabilities and features and utilizing Add-ons to your advantage.

Google Add-ons work like Chrome extensions and with The G Suite Marketplace offering a vast range of add-ons for various features and functions that you can use, it can certainly make things a lot easier and help you be more productive. That being said, if you’re looking to be more productive using Chrome, here are the most useful Chrome shortcuts.

How to Use G Suite Add-Ons and the G Suite Market Place

First, find the G Suite Market Place with your G Suite Admin Account. You will need to log into G Suite using the login that has admin access so if your access is provided and regulated by the company you’re working for, you might need to ask for their permission.

Afterward, click on Tools and then G Suite Marketplace. There, you can browse all the add-ons available to you.

Here are the top Google Add-Ons for Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drive that you MUST have to boost your efficiency and productivity when it comes to using Google Office Suite for your business, office, or even at home.

1. Unsplash  

Unsplash offers a vast selection of free HD photos, and it is now made available for free as an Add-on to your G Suite, allowing you to directly add HD pictures to your Google Slides.

2. Awesome Table

Spreadsheets can be a bit boring or confusing, but with Awesome Table, you can easily turn your spreadsheet data into a people directory,  charts, maps, and more. This can help you understand your data better or make a presentation out of your data in no time.

3. Grackle

Grackle is an effective assistant for Google Docs, which checks all aspects of your document and provide suggestions for improvements.

4. Mail Merge for Gmail

The Mail Merge Add-on reduces the hassle of managing emails especially for those who need to cater to an overflowing number of email messages every day. It enables users to send personalized emails, track email opens, clicks, and bounced messages and even schedule emails to send later.

5. Document Studio

To extract data from your Google sheets and forms and turn it instantly into a document, you’ll need the Document Studio Add-on to do just that for you. The generated document can also be shared with colleagues or print them via Google Cloud Print. This Sheet add-on also comes with a Mail Merge tool.

6. Creative Studio

The Creative Studio is a Slides add-on that lets you convert slide presentations to animated GIF images and video slideshows. It also comes with features such as extracting speaker notes from slides or sync PowerPoint with YouTube using Slidecasts.

7. Lucidchart  Diagrams

The Lucidcharts add-on will help you create collaborative online diagrams, combining diagramming and data visualization. Working for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drives, you can easily create flowcharts, org charts, wireframes, Unified Modeling Language (UML), mind maps, and more.

8. Mapping Sheets

For businesses, the Mapping Sheets add-on will help you seamlessly plot your data into custom features Google map. You can show each location detail, filter locations, or find locations within a certain distance.

9. DocuSign

The DocuSign is a G Suite and Gmail add on that lets you access agreements and documents easily and sign it right away without needing to convert files anymore. It’s just a simple yet very useful add-on you’ll never knew you needed.

10. Power Tools for G Suite

The Power Tools Add-on will give you about 30+ solutions for creating and managing Google sheets. It lets you organize and unify your data easily and eliminates repetitive tasks and clicks. The Power Tools is a must-have add-on giving you a set of solution which includes easy commands to compare and vlookup sheets, import ranges from multiple sheets, merge cells, find and replace data, and more.

11. Ultradox

The Ultradox is an all-around add-on that helps you create useful automation and apps for various G Suite tasks. With this add-on, you can turn your Google Docs into a template engine. It also provides a template gallery that you can easily use for generating invoices, creating newsletters and PDF forms, assemble quotes and contracts, and more.

12. Writewell

Writewell is a combination of document formatting tools and project management functions that help you deliberate a project, manage deadlines, track completions, and automate email reminders to team members to maximize everyone’s effort and productivity.  This add-on will surely help teams collaborate better and not miss deadlines anymore.

13. Fillable Document

To turn Google Docs into fillable forms in a few clicks, you can install the Fillable Document add-on. It is a feature-packed extension that works for Google Docs and Sheets which makes template processing, as well as mail, merging much easier. It helps store data into Google Sheets, generate merged document as Google Document and PDFs, and deliver with templated email notifications.   

14. Form Publisher

For Google Forms, you can use the Publisher add-on to automate document generation. It can generate files to Google, Microsoft, and PDF documents. It also comes with the approval workflow and e-signature features.

15. Google Forms Email Notification

When managing forms, the Email Notification add-on can surely save you from checking your forms every time to see if there are responses or sending a customized email notification for your respondents. The Email notification add-on, once installed, can also send a push notification to your phone when a form is submitted, which you can customize to contain the details you need. It makes a real difference in real-time correspondence and forms management.  

16. Form Recycler

You don’t always have to start from scratch to create forms, The Form Recycler add-on lives up to its name, allowing users to merge multiple forms from the Drive and create a new form out of it in a matter of few clicks.

17. HelloFax

HelloFax lets you forward faxes, signed emails, and requested signature documents to Google Drive as well as send faxes to over 70 countries all over the world with just a few clicks.

These extensions are mostly for Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms which can be very complex to manage manually. But you can also find useful general add-ons like the TaskBoard and MixMax that offer features relevant especially for business administration, empowering efficient project management, and team collaborations.

There are a bunch of useful add-ons that you can find in the G Suite market place. Some of them come for free and some require a monthly fee for certain features. Either way, these add-ons, once installed, are guaranteed to make business and life a little easier if you can maximize its features and take advantage of its benefits.