The Best Grocery Shopping Apps for 2023

Grocery shopping can be very exhausting. The good thing is that there are great grocery shopping apps out there that can make things a bit easier and can save you so much time, and energy, and even at some point, help you save some from your budget.

Grocery Pal

If you are after saving some dollars, Grocery Pal can help you with that.  It allows you to browse weekly specials from local supermarkets as well as discount retail shops, like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, RiteAid, SAFEWAY, and other stores near you.

With that, you can find which store offers the best deal the day when you are to get your groceries.

Using the app, you can create as many shopping lists as you want and organize the items by isles, categories or stores so you don’t have to go in circles as you shop. It also offers other features and perks like coupons that you can redeem too.

Grocery Pal app is available for IOS and Android devices.

Out of Milk

One of the most highly-rated grocery apps is Out of Milk, due to its intuitive and customizable functionality that makes grocery shopping more convenient.

Like any other grocery list app, it allows you to create and manage multiple shopping lists and share them in real-time with your family. As a plus, it has a useful History feature, where you can add previously purchased items to your new list.

Another feature that sets it apart from other grocery apps, is that you can simply scan the items’ barcodes to add them to your list in just a tap. It also has a Pantry List that serves as an inventory and the Cart feature that keeps you on track of what you purchased and

You can discover more about Out of Milk through their website or get the app for IOS or Android.


Bring! can help you save energy, time, and money by allowing you to easily create a shared shopping list and access integrated recipes, loyalty cards, and individual shopping suggestions. The mobile app can be a quite compact yet great grocery shopping assistant.

From easily managing shared lists within your family, to staying updated with food trends, you can get it all through your mobile phone, computer or smart watches using Bring!, which also supports Apple’s Siri.

As of its latest updates, Bring! also offers an efficient quantity calculator and item predictor for recipes, saving you from all the stress of thinking too much.

The Bring! app is free and available for  IOS and Android.  

Buy Me a Pie

Buy Me a Pie is a neat and easy-to-use multiplatform grocery app that works efficiently. It allows users to create a shareable list and it also saves items from the previous lists, has a smart grouping function, and provides smart suggestions.

Accessible through the web and mobile app across various devices, you can easily sync your account and see all the updates you made in real-time on all access points. You can also share and sync your account to family or friends or invite them to coordinate with only a single list.  

It offers options of sorting the crossed out stuff from your list, either alphabetically or by the time they were crossed out from the shopping list

You can use Buy Me a Pie through their website or download the mobile app for IOS and Android.

Our Groceries Shopping List

Another simple yet intuitive grocery shopping app, Our Groceries Shopping List will work great for your family. Through a mobile app or the Our Groceries website, everyone in the family can edit the list and add what they need anytime as the list syncs instantly.

When it’s time for someone to shop, they can access the updated list at once and never miss a grocery item anymore. The items can be checked out items from the list once it’s purchased and everyone in the family will be able to see it in just a matter of seconds.  

Other than through mobile phones, the app can be accessed via Amazon Alexa device,  Google Home, Siri, Apple Watch, and Android wear watch.

You can check Our Groceries through their website or get the  app for Android or iOS

Any List

Any List, lives up to its name, allowing users to create any sort of list that they need from, of course, groceries to recipes, to things that you need to do for the day or so.

You can easily create a grocery list and Any List also has some intuitive autocomplete suggestions of other related items as you type.

You can also add notes like coupons, brands, the number of items you need, and other stuff.  Anylist will automatically categorize the grocery items on your list so you don’t have to get confused anymore at all.

Any List also gives you the option to share your shopping list with your family and have them create and share their own lists as well. Users can also opt for a push notification when a list is being shared with them to keep them updated.  

The Any List app is available for IOS or Android devices.


Hate ads on your app? Flipp might change that for you.  The Flipp app is best for those who shop weekly and are always after coupons and discounts.  Along with the usual shopping list feature, you can also browse thousands of weekly ads and find deals from over 2000 stores including Walmart, Dollar General, Walgreens, and more.

In addition, you can also score great deals for pharmacy, and other household essentials. You can clip deals to your list and add other grocery stuff you need then the app will also instantly find deals for those items.

With the app, you can stay updated on the trend and the deals, organize your shopping list, sync your loyalty cards and easily use coupons so you don’t have to rummage your purse for paper coupons every time you shop.  

You can visit Flipp’s website or download the app for Android or IOS.

Cozi Family Organizer

An app that brings the family much more closely together, the all-in-one Cozi Family Organizer is an efficient grocery companion too.

It makes communication easy within the family, allowing users to coordinate schedules as well as track and manage and share grocery lists and to-do lists within the household.  

Members can add the items they need to the shared grocery list and it will be updated real time.

Family members can use the app to delegate chores and create a shopping then send it over to the one assigned to pick it up. Along with this, they can access recipes, plan dinners, and have a family journal too.

You can get the Cozi Family Organizer web app through their website or download the mobile app for Android and IOS.

From some with the simplest to the most advanced features, from budget-savers to family-friendly, these are the best grocery apps that you can use to create those shopping lists and keep you from spontaneous purchases. With the help of these apps, your grocery shopping can be more organized, saving time, money, and energy for you and your family.