How to Install Custom Fonts on iPhone

With iOS 13 iPhone users have been receiving a sleuth of new features such as support for custom fonts. Even though it might not be a big edge for the phone’s performance, switching and customizing your phone’s fonts can be fun and can add a personal touch.

Using custom fonts on iOS devices before the iOS 13 was somewhat possible but required a lot of work. With this new update, the iPhone’s system settings already include font set-up.

However, the current update only allows custom fonts to be applied to certain portions of the iOS system.

How to Download Custom Fonts for your iPhone

You can get custom fonts in 2 ways: through a font app or via an online website. Here’s how:

Download fonts using an App

There are many font-providing apps from the Apple Store that lets you search and download fonts directly. One good example is Adobe Creative Cloud.

You can download the app and use it mainly for managing files and apps. But it is also a good app to download and install fonts from.

You can get fonts through on the Fonts tab at the bottom of the screen. Just tap on it and scan through all available fonts.

You can also add filters to refine the search results displayed on your screen. Adobe currently allows users to filter fonts by classification (such as Serif or Script).

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Once you found a font you would want to use, tap on the “Install Fonts” button.  If you haven’t installed a new font recently, a pop-up window will appear requiring you to confirm the download by clicking Install.

You can find all fonts installed on your device in the Installed Fonts tab.

These installed fonts will be automatically added to the font menu in the applications that support Apple’s custom font APIs.

Download font packages from the web

Open the Safari browser app and go to websites offering IOS font packs like the following:

These sites may require you to set up an account and sign in before you can download font packs. But if you look at it, the effort may pay off as they offer a wide range of fonts, and some can be downloaded free of charge.

Once you have accessed your account, download the font you prefer. A pop-up alert will appear asking permission for a configuration profile installation. Just tap Allow proceeding with the installation.

A window will appear to notify you when the installation is done. Tap on Close then go to your iPhone’s Settings screen.

Go to General, then select Profiles. From there, find the font name and tap on Install on the top right of your screen.

It will require you to confirm the installation by requesting your device’s passcode. Just type it in and tap done.

A pop-up menu on the bottom of your screen will appear where you can tap from the Apple Store to start installing fonts.

When done, the fonts should appear among the options for Apps that support font customization.  

How to use and manage installed fonts

To use the downloaded fonts, open an app on your phone that supports custom fonts like Pages or Apple Mail.

For Pages, create a new document the tap on the brush icon on the navigation bar.

Select the font formatting option to view all fonts downloaded to your phone. Choose the font you would like to use. Then, tap on the ‘x’ button to close the tab.

For Apple Mail, note that iOS 13 only allows Adobe’s font and not all downloaded fonts.  

Open the app and create a new message.

At the top right of the keyboard, tap on the Left-Pointing Arrow to expand the quick toolbar.

Tap on the Aa icon to view the available formatting options.

Choose Default Font to view all the fonts available.

You can also easily view and manage installed fonts by going to Settings>General, then tap Fonts.

From here, you can delete fonts that you no longer want to use as well.