Desktop Utilities

Top 10 Freeware
Windows 10 Transformation Pack 7.0
Transform your Windows into Vista
Avro Keyboard
A full Unicode supported Bangla typing software
Active Dancer 1.2.228
Free dancers and strippers on your desktop
Fast Aero 1.0
Emulate GlassAero interface on Windows XP
Give your XP the Vista look
Apple 3D Windows 7 Theme 1.0
Change the style of your desktop to an Apple desktop style
Universal Vista Inspirat Brico Pack Ultimate 2 1.0
Vista theme change for Windows XP
Windows 7 Folder Background Changer 1.1
Make your Explorer’s background your own
Syn Virtual Assistant 8.0
Lets you control your computer using only your voice
3DP Net 18.12
Integrated driver installer
Latest Updates
Dynamic Theme
Great application for enriching the desktop with beautiful wallpapers and tweaking the lock screen.
PrintMyFonts 2023-06-06
A simple application that lets you preview, print and export currently installed fonts
AutoHideDesktopIcons 6.01
Hide and show your desktop icons with simple mouse gestures using this incredibly lightweight application
WindowManager 10.10.0
Remember and restore the position and size of your programs, windows or dialogs
Remap your controller's buttons to keyboard actions
Kaleider Screensaver 5.6.2
Handy application that allows users to animate their desktop.
Animated Wallpaper Maker 4.5.18
Great tool for users that want to create animated wallpapers in order to replace their boring static ones.
ProcessKO 6.21
End active processes or schedule them to be terminated later
Animated Screensaver Maker 4.5.18
a very intuitive toolset for creating your own animated screensavers.
DxWnd 2.05.96 Beta
Open games and other programs that only run in full screen in a custom window mode
PointerStick 6.26
A virtual pointer stick that can be used to enhance your presentations and grab your audience’s attention
ClassicDesktopClock 4.31
Great app for customizing the desktop clock for users that want to get a feel of older versions of Windows.
EarthView 7.7.3
A dynamic desktop screensaver and wallpaper that shows accurate views of the earth at day and night
OnlyStopWatch 6.16
A basic stopwatch that shows essential information and provides standard options to control the timer
Take Command 30.00.18
A useful toolkit designed as an alternative to the Windows’ command line editor.
Sort by: Recently Added Top Rated Popular Downloads
wnr 1.30.0
Great program that will give users the opportunity to rest from work.
22 / 930
65.1 Mb
StellaWake 1.3.2
Handy program that offers better control over the PC's sleep mode and power consumption.
2 / 382
2.4 Mb
Actual Virtual Desktops 8.14.7
Efficient program for performing day-to-day activities on a computer and have to work with different windows.
2 / 298
8.1 Mb
Reliable program for quickly changing between multiple stored settings.
2 / 731
1.2 Mb
aSc TimeTables 2023.20.1
Great software for users that want to design school timetables.
5 / 340
17.3 Mb
Decor8 1.08
Great software for visually customizing the Windows 8 interface.
2 / 905
38.7 Mb
DesktopDigitalClock 4.83
Handy application for users that want the ability to customize the desktop digital clock.
10 / 636
0.173828 Mb
One of the best application that will help users view and manage their installed and uninstalled fonts.
7 / 693
3.6 Mb
iTop Easy Desktop
Reliable application to help organize the desktop and work more efficiently.
4 / 926
20.2 Mb
Kaleider Screensaver 5.6.2
Handy application that allows users to animate their desktop.
11 / 248
6.2 Mb
AC Wallmanager 3.0.0
Useful application for keeping the desktop fresh with high-quality pictures from the Internet.
10 / 583
58.2 Mb
AeroBlend 2.0
Reliable program for changing the Windows color scheme to match the current wallpaper.
4 / 537
1 Mb
Background Generator 1.1.1
Handy application for creating the perfect wallpaper.
6 / 625
23.5 Mb
SoundPackager 10.0
Great application for customizing the operating system's sound scheme.
2 / 469
50.9 Mb
Start8 1.56
Useful software for allowing users to add a Start Menu to Windows 8 and benefit from its advantages.
0 / 703
10.4 Mb
4K Slideshow Maker Portable
Great software for users that want to quickly create slideshows.
4 / 732
40.4 Mb
Dr. Folder
Useful application for customizing directory icons in a more intuitive manner.
2 / 396
10.1 Mb
ShadowFX 1.21
Reliable enhancement tool for adding drop shadows to the users Windows.
5 / 788
5.6 Mb
A more reliable alternative to the Windows Magnifier tool.
2 / 581
0.831055 Mb
ZoomIt 7.0
Great application for zooming in the screen, use a red marker to highlight text or graphics, and more.
9 / 627
1.1 Mb