Business & Office

Top 10 Freeware
Adobe Acrobat Reader 2021.007.20091
View and print PDF files
Nokia Suite 3.8.54
The one and only Nokia desktop application
Apache 4.1.6
Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office
Astah Community (Astah UML) 8.2
Create UML and other types of diagrams with this modern and friendly tool
WinDjView 2.1
Fast, compact and powerfull DjVu viewer
Nokia PC Suite
Free applications for Nokia phones
SQL-Splitter: splitting large SQL files
MDB Viewer Plus 2.63
A viewer plus an editor for Access MDB files
Create PDF files from any printable document
Foxit PDF Reader
PDF document viewer
Latest Updates
Sanwhole Studio 5.45.21092
Keep a secret diary on your computer by using this reliable and intuitive application
Sanwhole Studio 5.45.21092
A friendly application that lets you play and access a large number of documents, webpages and media files
ezPayCheck 2021 (3.11.12)
A finance utility that can be of assistance to small business managers who want to save money by calculating and reporting taxes and deductions on their own
PayWindow Payroll System 2021 19.0.21
Unique Easy Payroll System
A complex application designed for organizing notes and other types of information
Samepage 2021-09-16 Build 44790
A great utility tool to help enhance the interactions with your team
GT4T 8.18.21 Build 0916
A useful tool for users that need instant translations.
Sanwhole Studio 5.45.21092
Effortlessly integrate local multimedia files, online video URLs and hyperlinks within the diary where you write down your thoughts and ideas
Kate 21.08.1 Build 1410
A great text editor that can help users make their work easier
PositivePay file Creator 3.23
A PositivePay file creator add-in.
Bitcoin Core 0.22.0
An electronic wallet that lets you manage bitcoin transactions and encrypt your digital currency
Work healthy and don’t get distracted
Sanwhole Studio 5.44.21091
Gives you the opportunity to manage your various files with ease
EMF Printer Driver 16.65 Revision 2699
Convert any printable file into an Enhanced Metafiles (EMF).
PDF24 Creator 10.2.0
A handy application that allows you to convert any printable document to a PDF and manipulate it in various ways
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Excel Mobile 16001.14326.20372.0
Great app for viewing spreadsheets on various Windows 10 devices.
324 / 1,214
182.1 Mb
PowerPoint Mobile 16001.14326.20372.0
Intuitive application that will give users the means of sharing, viewing and playing their slideshows on a mobile device.
363 / 1,251
167.9 Mb
Sozi 21.09
Helpful app that will help create stunning presentations
61 / 359
105 Mb
Useful .NET development tool to help create PDF documents with ease.
29 / 348
246 Mb
DeskTime 1.3.576
Powerful piece of software to improve your and your employees' productivity
87 / 677
1.2 Mb
General Journal Entries (formerly CSV2QBJ) 4.0.273
Powerful app that extents the functionality of just a simple converter like its predecessor
48 / 448
6 Mb
Today 1.4.0
A handy 24h period task planner to motivate users to do their chores before the end of they day.
35 / 419
53.9 Mb
PicoPDF 2.18
A great app that will help modify a PDF file's contents.
35 / 456
0.582031 Mb
Onetastic for Microsoft OneNote 4.7.0
A great application that will help save time by automating certain tasks with the help of macros
41 / 678
6.9 Mb
ASP.NET Maker 2021.0.9
A great app for building ASP.BET Core MVC web applications.
4 / 542
62.2 Mb
Stacks 1.4.7
A neat application to help everyone that is looking to make their workflow more efficient.
30 / 605
114 Mb
Dockit Archiver 11.1.7781
A great solution for everyone that needs to create extensive backups of their information.
13 / 607
15.8 Mb
Nimbus Note 6.45.13
An advanced note-taking app to help create and organize notes and to-do lists.
8 / 788
182 Mb
PDFCompressor-FM 1.2.8
A handy tool that will compress and optimize PDF documents if they are too big to send
2 / 714
11.8 Mb
Simple Shop
A great application for business owners that need to manage their stores without a hassle
0 / 624
277 Mb
OfficeStatus 6.5.590.0
A great application that will help keep track of the status of your employees.
3 / 672
342 Mb
DoliWamp 14.0.2
A useful software for users that want to lay down the foundation and manage activities of their companies
1 / 664
93.2 Mb
dbForge Data Pump for SQL Server 1.6.58
A handy Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio for users that need to simplify their work
3 / 720
400 Mb
Super Productivity 7.5.2
A handy task management app that supports Git and Jira integration.
0 / 865
56 Mb
GT4T 8.18.21 Build 0916
A useful tool for users that need instant translations.
0 / 696
73.1 Mb