Business & Office

Top 10 Freeware
Adobe Acrobat Reader 2021.007.20099
View and print PDF files
Nokia Suite 3.8.54
The one and only Nokia desktop application
Apache 4.1.6
Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office
Astah Community (Astah UML) 8.2
Create UML and other types of diagrams with this modern and friendly tool
WinDjView 2.1
Fast, compact and powerfull DjVu viewer
Nokia PC Suite
Free applications for Nokia phones
SQL-Splitter: splitting large SQL files
MDB Viewer Plus 2.63
A viewer plus an editor for Access MDB files
Create PDF files from any printable document
Foxit PDF Reader
PDF document viewer
Latest Updates
XLStat 23.4.1221.0
Great add-on to enhance your Excel experience.
Sanwhole Studio 5.46.21121
Gives you the opportunity to manage your various files with ease
Sanwhole Studio 5.46.21121
Keep a secret diary on your computer by using this reliable and intuitive application
Sanwhole Studio 5.46.21121
A friendly application that lets you play and access a large number of documents, webpages and media files
Power-user 1.6.1218
A robust PowerPoint add-in that includes a large collection of templates, maps, diagrams, charts and illustrations
BitPay Store App
A cross-platform software solution for secure management of multiple Bitcoin wallets and transactions
Kate 21.08.3 Build 1488
A great text editor that can help users make their work easier
TED Notepad 6.3.1
A functional and feature-rich word processor
Invoicer MADAR 4.2302
Keep track of and manage your products information as well as your customers
UltimateForms: Forms 2.4.2
Advanced tab, column and view permissions for SharePoint lists and document libraries
QOwnNotes 21.12.0 Build 922
Lightweight Personal Information Manager plus a versatile database
Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.99.862.0
View and sort several set types of data and generate accurate reports
A robust statistical analysis program
QOwnNotes 21.12.0 Build 922
A feature-rich application that lets you create, organize, print and sort notes on your computer
Sanwhole Studio 5.46.21121
Effortlessly integrate local multimedia files, online video URLs and hyperlinks within the diary where you write down your thoughts and ideas
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Useful application for anyone that needs to use print out DOS programs with newer printers.
15 / 566
1.8 Mb
Moneyspire 2022 (22.0.2)
Useful utility for helping you to manage your expenses.
2 / 544
71.2 Mb
Recipe Keeper
Great software for users that want to create their own digital cookbooks.
12 / 386
27.3 Mb
PDF Combiner 2.3
Useful application for merging multiple PDF files into a single one.
84 / 239
5.2 Mb
Powerful application that will help mitigate data between SQL, MySQL, Access and SQLite databases with ease.
85 / 211
2.5 Mb
Powerful suite of features designed for business environements.
2 / 341
53.8 Mb
Clipboard Manager for SharePoint 15.5.90
Great utility software for copying content from Microsoft Word documents to rich-text fields in SharePoint.
3 / 376
0.0136719 Mb
Associated Tasks Field 1.19.19
Efficient appication for managing documents and other items.
17 / 361
10.4 Mb
CloudTier Transparent Storage Tiering SDK
Useful note-taking app for users that want well organized notes and creating to-do lists.
4 / 458
2.5 Mb
CSV Editor Pro 22.0
Very efficient tool for creating and editing CSV documents.
18 / 403
10.8 Mb
Useful tool that will allow you to copy the text from a PDF document.
79 / 729
4.3 Mb
WinCatalog 2020.8.0
Useful app that will help find any documents without any efforts.
18 / 491
90.1 Mb
Total Doc Converter
Great document converter that comes with many format support and easy to use interface.
17 / 386
59.8 Mb
Combine PDF 4.4
Great tool for users that need a quick and efficient way to merge multiple PDF files.
20 / 398
12.7 Mb
Best PDF to Word Converter 4.4
Handy application that will allow you to convert PDF files in a quick and simple way.
17 / 384
9.1 Mb
PDF Separator 4.4
Useful program for extracting specific pages and splitting PDF files.
16 / 419
12.6 Mb
XLS Excel to PDF Converter 4.4
One of the best tools for converting multiple Excel files to PDF formats.
16 / 417
6 Mb
Document to PDF Converter 4.4
Useful tool to help convert documents to PDF files in a quick and efficient manner.
17 / 405
6 Mb
PDF to PDF 4.4
Powerful PDF editing too that comes with a variety of tools for editing and document protection.
16 / 422
12.6 Mb
JXCirrusDiary 4.1.02
Useful application for users that want to create organized schedules and digital vaults.
5 / 394
25 Mb