Skype Video Review

Skype Video Notice
Be advised that unless this is an official commercial/presentation of the product, the video may represent a subjective review of Skype. We strongly advise to try Skype, the product video review is for presentation purposes only and it's not to be considered an essential review.
Skype Related Software
RealPopup 6.6
A simple messaging client that lets you chat with others across local area networks
7 / 1,622
Skype Voice Changer Pro
Fantastic voice changing software serves as a Skype voice changer and recorder.
2 / 1,803
Seaside Multi Skype Launcher 1.31
A functional application that lets you open multiple Skype sessions at the same time
11 / 4,051
WhatsApp for PC 2.2019.8
The desktop client for the popular WhatsApp messaging service
84 / 7,534
Teamspeak 3.1.9
Voice chat client
7 / 19,341
Bopup Messenger 7.2.5 Build 13930
A friendly IM client that lets you communicate and share files over a LAN connection
7 / 1,114