Latest Updates
Thunderbird Supernova 127.0
One of the most popular email clients
0 / 5,939
58.4 Mb
Vivaldi 6.7.3329.41
A modern, fast web browser equipped with a comprehensive collection of features
0 / 3,632
97.6 Mb
Brave Browser 1.67.116
A clean and easy to use web browser that lets you safely surf the web without annoying ads and intrusive trackers
0 / 4,841
122 Mb
Waterfox G6.0.16
Enhance your browsing experience tenfold with this fast and efficient 64-bit variant of Firefox
0 / 2,774
65.5 Mb
TeamViewer Host 15.54.6
Enables you to remotely control any PC
0 / 3,575
30.2 Mb
Ron's WebLynx 2024.05.29.1159
A handy organizer for all your links and online references
0 / 1,184
12.4 Mb
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
A Do Not Track application that blocks tracking cookies
0 / 1,709
56.2 Mb
SoliCall Pro 1.11.62
Reduce the echo and noise of your calls, create personalized profiles, and record your conversations as MP3 or WAV files with this tool
0 / 2,238
13.9 Mb
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Forkle Beta
Browse the Internet without having to worry about trackers, adware or telemetry using this straightforward, stripped-down browser
54 / 1,944
0.120117 Mb
Ghostery for Firefox 10.3.8
Reveal the invisible web trackers, bugs, pixels and beacons that study your Internet behavior and block them to protect your privacy
48 / 2,242
8.5 Mb
Ghostery for Chrome 10.3.8
Easily detect trackers, web bugs, pixels, and beacons placed on web pages by Facebook, Google Analytics and other ad networks and data providers.
22 / 1,589
8.3 Mb
Iridium 2023.09.116
Securely navigate the Internet with a Chromium lookalike browser but that can offer you stricter security options and control over data transmission
93 / 2,926
120 Mb
TransOver for Chrome 1.74
This Google Chrome extension enables you to quickly translate a phrase from the current web page or view multiple word translations in any language
12 / 1,870
0.128906 Mb
DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials for Firefox 2024.4.26
Search for relevant content on the Internet by using the DuckDuckGo search engine
23 / 1,805
2.7 Mb
EdgeCookiesView 1.17
User-friendly and lightweight application that allows you to view all Microsoft Edge cookies stored in the WebCacheV01.dat database
11 / 1,433
0.0703125 Mb
MiTeC Weather Agent
Lightweight and straightforward application which enables you to view the current weather from any location in the world, on your desktop
74 / 1,598
1.4 Mb
Nature Wallpaper HD Video New Tab Background 1.6.10
Enhance your New Tab page with stunning time-lapse videos, view weather info and access your favorite websites easily
23 / 1,694
20.4 Mb
Google Input Tools
A useful extension that allows you to use multiple languages for entering text on the websites that you visit by selecting the keyboard from the address bar button
21 / 2,646
0.708984 Mb
MailEnable Standard 10.48
A powerful email server package that aims to bring all the necessary tools for administering a fully-featured messaging platform
10 / 1,416
81.2 Mb
Persistent SSH Tunnel 1.2.841
Make sure that the SSH tunnel connections are always up and running
17 / 1,584
5.3 Mb
Usnip Professional 4.1
Download clips or audio from popular video sharing websites
13 / 2,225
130 Mb
Outlook CalDav Synchronizer 4.1.0
Synchronize events, tasks, notes, certificates and contacts all across your Outlook, Google and SOGo accounts
14 / 2,417
5.2 Mb
AM-DeadLink 6.0
Check bookmarks and favorites for dead links with this application that features a built-in browser and a duplicate finding tool
15 / 1,652
8.5 Mb
Howard 2.05
A small, yet useful email notifier for various webmail accounts
15 / 1,749
5.5 Mb
Odin3 3.14.4
Flash your Samsung phone and get the latest updates before their official launch
57 / 4,449
4.3 Mb
A full-featured Twitch chat client that allows simultaneous channel connections and enables you to communicate with other users outside your browser
14 / 1,619
0.760742 Mb
ImTranslator for Chrome 16.84
Translate text, words, and webpages with the help of this useful and unobtrusive Chrome extension that comes with support for more than 100 languages
8 / 2,163
2.8 Mb
GroupMail Lite Edition 6.00.063
A software utility that enables you to send email messages to multiple recipients at the same time
13 / 1,472
18 Mb